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Rev Jack C Gutknecht's Psalms Chapter 119 comment about verse 11 on 3/07/2021, 4:49am...

Do you love alliterated Bible outlines as I do?

The Word of God in the Heart Psalm 119:11

1 A Good Provision 'Thy Word'

2 A Good Practice 'have I hid'

3 A Good Place 'in my heart'

4 A Good Purpose 'that I might not sin against Thee'


Andrew Kingsly Raj's Psalms Chapter 119 comment on 2/02/2021, 7:57pm...

These are all Hebrew alphabet. Alaph, Beth, Gimal etc.,. Each and every line of a set of verses under an Alphabet starts from the corresponding alphabet. It clearly shows that David is well known to write songs (handling his language as a professional)


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