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BSP's Psalms Chapter 119 comment on 8/31/2022, 6:52am...

Verse 165-When we love God's Word and live by it we can have abundant God-given peace in our lives.


Chris's Psalms Chapter 119 comment on 5/31/2022, 11:50pm...

Thanks Susan for confirming that it was Psalm 119 you're looking at. As for the "references", I'm unsure whether you're wanting to know what each group within this Psalm refers to, or, what these verses are speaking of.

Since this Psalm doesn't indicate an author, it would be difficult to place verses with a particular event in the Bible. The Psalmist only knows his situation & he is sharing his testimonies & observations about it.

However, and sharing very generally here, each group of verses in the Psalm are written under each successive letter of the Hebrew alphabet. So verses 49 to 56 (Zain), 57 to 64 (Cheth), & 65 to 72 (Teth) are seen. The whole Psalm has a central thought that it is only God's Word that contains everything a person needs to know. And to complement this belief, the Psalmist uses various words for the Word or Law of God; namely: Law, Testimonies, Precepts, Statutes, Commandments, Judgements, Word and Path. And at least one of these words can be seen in each stanza (grouping). Each of these terms has a specific meaning, especially to Hebrew readers, & together in the Psalm, they give an understanding of what the Psalmist is trying to emphasize about the world (both personal & corporate).

I'm sorry if what I've shared doesn't really answer your question. Anything more than this, would require much detail about the verses themselves, and I'm unsure whether that's what you seek.


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