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John baker's Proverbs Chapter 9 comment about verse 14 on 6/24/2020, 7:36am...

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Chris's Proverbs Chapter 9 comment about verse 14 on 6/23/2020, 11:57pm...

The whole of chapter 9 in Proverbs is to show a comparison between Wisdom & Folly (= foolishness). As you must have read the earlier verses (1 - 12), you saw the traits of one who uses wisdom. Now both Wisdom & Folly are used here in the feminine gender but not to denigrate the female in any way, but in Hebrew, as in many other languages, those words are in the feminine gender. So, Foolishness is seen as Wisdom's opposite & verses 13 -18 demonstrate that.

The imagery of Foolishness is shown as 'a foolish woman'. Clearly, this woman is personified as a harlot as you can see from the following verses in this chapter. Foolishness is the display of simpleness & ignorance (v13); she sits in a prominent position to call out to the simple men to come into her chambers (v14); both the wise & simple men walk by her, but the simple ones turn in because they are attracted by her alluring calls (v15,16); she convinces them that there can be more pleasure from doing wrong or doing things in secret when no one is looking (v17). But Wisdom's final word (v18) is: "But he knoweth not that the dead are there; and that her guests are in the depths of hell": i.e. the simple can't see 'past their noses' (or, see past their heightened sinful desires) to take into account that that "the wages of sin is death" (Rom 6:23) & all those who give in to her (foolishness), will join the throng of sinners who succumbed to the wiles of the devil.


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