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2 Corinthians Chapter 11


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Rory's 2 Corinthians Chapter 11 comment on 9/09/2022, 5:45pm...

When you are a chosen vessel of GOD... Look for extreme opposition from all around... Even in the church... The enemy knows your importance... You are a serious threat to him and his people... Look out for opposition... Look up to JESUS in the middle of the storms... The Battle is already won... Quicken me Holy Spirit today to do battle the right way.... On my knees.... Amen


Gigi's 2 Corinthians Chapter 11 comment on 1/19/2022, 10:55am...


Mishael and Free have spoken well here.

I will pray for you.

Dear Lord Jesus

Fill Adron with Yor Presence today as You are the only One who can be closer than a brother or a friend.

He is in need of fellowship, so that is why I ask that You be Present with him of first importance. I also ask that you will lead him to people who love and obey You, who know Your Truth and walk in it daily, who are sincere and faithful in relationships, who are available to grow a relationship with Adron, and who are serious about building one another up in each others' faith.

We ask this from You Jesus

In Your name.



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