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Jesse's Revelation Chapter 7 comment on 12/30/2021, 12:53pm...


Dan was one of the tribes that committed idolatry. And God's judgment came on the tribes that committed idolatry.

Their land will be returned to them at the second coming of Christ.

So when you see the several lists in the Old Testament of the tribes, they'll line up differently than the 12 tribes that are listed in Revelation chapter 7.

Because of the tribes that were under the judgment of God for idolatry, they were not sealed.

But at the second coming of Christ in Revelation Chapter 19, the land and the boundaries will then be returned to the tribes that were under judgment. They are only under judgment up to the second coming of Christ.


JT KNOTTS's Revelation Chapter 7 comment on 12/30/2021, 11:00am...

There are, I'm sure, many intelligent answers that will be given in response to your inquiry. Some will be based partly in scripture while others are will be pure speculation. However, if you diligently research each explanation given you will find that none of them seem to completely add up and fall short. For instance, why are they listed out of order? They are not out of birth order anywhere else that I'm aware of. Did God have a moment of forgetfulness? Was it an error? Did God decide to change things up a bit from His established M.O.? The answer is "NO". God does not make mistakes and He does not change so the "logical" explanation is that there must be a reason for the missing names and them being listed out of chronological birthing order rather than being listed in order from eldest to youngest as per everywhere else in the Bible that I'm aware of.

Hebrew names in the Bible of people and places use a precise form of onomastics and transliteration, i.e. Joshua = Yhosua = "Jehovah or YHVH is salvation". Many examples are provided all throughout scripture (ex. Gen 16:14) Now, if you take this fact based scriptural knowledge and apply it to God's Word all throughout you will find the truth you seek. When applied properly to Gen 5 you will see God foretells the plan of salvation through Jesus (actual Hebrew name Yhosua). Now apply what you have just learned to Rev 7 and you will discover that the whole, complete and logical answer to your question is a veiled account of the Church being given as the bride of Christ a 6 thousand year struggle coming to an end, reproach being taken away and God turning to Israel to redeem her (as scripturally promised). Now at this point using this fact based scriptural approach the following verses from Rev 7:13-17 should suddenly become obvious as to what just happened. You will find the cipher key starts in Gen 29:32 and ends in Gen 43:51. Just organize them as ordered in Rev 7.

P.S. - 6000 from creation is upon us. Be blessed


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