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Thedorse's Revelation Chapter 7 comment on 2/07/2023, 3:36pm...

In Genesis, God said Let Us Create Man in Our Own Image. All Things we're Created by God for His Pleasure. So Who is Us ? It's the Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost. In Matthew 3 :: When John the Baptist Baptized Jesus , The Son of God . The Bible says The Holy Ghost like in Acts 2 as Cloven Toungues of Fire is Literally Visible. And He , The Holy Ghost Descends on Jesus like a Dove. As this is Occurring, The Father Speaks from Heaven and says,, This is My Beloved Son in Whom I am Well Pleased. It's Impossible to Argue but Yet People will that All 3 Members of The Godhead are Present. And Each 1 is Completely Separate from the Other. Why is that ? Because They are 3 Separate in the Godhead , but Each is God. I had a Jesus Only Doctrine tell Me one Time when I Brought these Scriptures to His Attention. His Response was " Don't You think God could Stand on Earth and Talk to Himself from Heaven.. " And I said " Sure He could, but why would God Use Trickery and Deception. When He is not a Man to Lie or Repent. " I have never Understood the Conflict in Something that is a ABC Type Thing, a Fundamental to Learn Teaching. Why Man has went back and Forth, Wrote Books, Formed Entire Doctrines over Scripture a Child could Grasp. None of this is going to Disqualify Anyone from Heaven. But why are We Straining at Gnats and Swallowing Camels. Jesus is Coming like a Thief in the Night. But there is Good News, So We Must Always Remember that All Who Call Upon The Name of The Lord Shall be Saved. Amen.

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Crystalfaithe's Revelation Chapter 7 comment on 2/07/2023, 3:31am...

And shall wipe all the tears from their eyes.


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