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Baker's Revelation Chapter 7 comment on 11/10/2022, 3:49am...

Dear Adam , and T.Levis

I've read where you both stand , but It is from experience that when this question is asked, the intention is to use it as support and or argument (for) the pre-trib rapture , either for now or in future discussions . As we , and they know , Either word is not in scripture , therefore claiming the method used for support of the Trinity (The Godhead) which is a Triune God , for the rapture . where scripture gets twisted .


GiGi's Revelation Chapter 7 comment on 11/09/2022, 9:53am...

T. Levis

I do not think that describing the Godhead as a Trinity isolates believers. I think that it clarifies what Scripture speaks about the Godhead. Adam has often given many Scriptures that speak to the Godhead as a Trinity or Persons who is One in His Being. There is nothing about what Adm has said that necessarily isolates people.

The Reformers you mentioned upheld the Scriptural teaching of the Godhead being a Trinity.

I recognize that there are some who adhere to the Oneness doctrine you are speaking of, but the vast majority of Christians now and through the centuries attest to believing that the Godhead is a Trinity. I believe it was Tertullian who first use the term "Trinity".

Paul mentions often to those he is addressing in his epistles concerning holding to doctrines that were taught by the apostles. So, there is nothing wrong with speaking about doctrinal teachings that can be supported by Scripture.


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