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The Two Martha39s's Revelation Chapter 7 comment on 5/03/2021, 8:02am...

The Bible Commentary feature on this website is accessed through the Search Box. Put the scripture in the search box. Touch the verse and it will highlight in yellow. Drop down until you see the Commentary Box. Select Commentary.

The same thing can be done through Google. Put in Book, chapter and verse to see commentaries.

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Wesley's Notes for Revelation 7:10

7:10 Salvation to our God - Who hath saved us from all evil into all the happiness of heaven. The salvation for which they praise God is described, verse 15; #Rev 7:15 that for which| they praise the Lamb, verse 14; #Rev 7:14 and both|, in the sixteenth and seventeenth verses. #Rev 7:16|,17

People's Bible Notes for Revelation 7:10

Re 7:10 Salvation to our God . . . and unto the Lamb. The praise of our salvation be given to God and to the Lamb.

In this scripture, God and Jesus are being praised for salvation of the earth, and humankind.

Something that I do when a scripture seems unclear, is to ask The Holy Spirit to explain it. He desires to be our Teacher. Jesus sent him to all believers on the Day of Pentecost. We all should ask for help.

It may involve being still before the Lord. Which generally means turn off the media in the room and listening intently.

If you read the story of the two women both named Martha: one was scurrying around serving the company. The other Martha was sitting at the feet of Jesus, totally engaged with what He was teaching. The 2nd Martha is the one that was remarked upon.

Point: being busy and distracted is not really a good thing if you cannot hear what Jesus is saying.

My comment: hearing an answer or reply from the Holy Spirit, will create a hunger within your spirit to spend time with Him.

Don't ask things you can easily look up in a Bible Encyclopedia, a Commentary or googling History. Do you see my suggestion? If you are still not understanding something, ask, believe, and you shall receive.



Tamara's Revelation Chapter 7 comment on 5/02/2021, 12:08pm...

In Revelation 7:10 it says "salvation to our God" ... I am baffled as to how our God needs salvation? This is really throwing me for a loop . Thanks for any clarification, Tamara


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