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Sacha's Job Chapter 13 comment on 4/08/2021, 5:07am...

Mark ,i think your anger is definately justified ,that might be because i feel it too lol ! However there isnt really much of an excuse for too many people now that the Bible is so widely available ,we have some Iranians in our congregation who were unable to get hold of a Bible while they were in Iran ,some peachers even now will try to tell people that the Bible is full of mysteries and secrets that not every one can understand thereby inflating themselves by saying that they can tell you all about it and you just need to listen to them ,God is not the author of confusion ,then there are people who claim to be interested but dont want to make any effort to read for themselves and are happy to rely on someone elses opinions and interpritations ,thankfully you are obviously not like them ,may God bless you .


Chris's Job Chapter 13 comment on 4/07/2021, 8:50pm...

I believe that your anger against false teachers is justified. If we're not angry about falsehood & treachery we might well be seen as being in agreement with them or at least as fence-sitters about the things of God.

But how we express that anger is important. To become violent, abusive or hateful, would not be a Christlike response. Rather, acts of correction, intelligent calm debate, & prayer for the Lord to deal with them, should be what we resort to. That would be the strongest testimony against those who take away from the purity of God's Word.


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