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David's Mark Chapter 8 comment on 8/07/2022, 4:30pm...

John Something to consider is the bible is an eastern book with eastern thought, the reason I mention this is the word

spread that Jesus Christ was a holy Man. Now even to this day in the middle east a holy mans spittle is believed to have

healing power so the times when Jesus Christ used spittle was because God told him to. If someone was not healed

immediately it had nothing to do with gods power it had everything to do with the unbelief he was surrounded by. When he

raised lazarus from the dead nobody believed he was going to do it that's why he wept and also that's why he said out loud

I know my father always hears me and then said out loud Lazarus come forth. Nothing has changed people still don't believe

God can move that big.


Giannis's Mark Chapter 8 comment on 8/07/2022, 1:12am...

It has to do with the person's faith, not with Jesus' power. Initially the blind man's faith was not adequate to get a total healing from Jesus. But after he saw people like trees his faith was lifted up to get a complete healing. It doesn't have to do with Jesus' power but with the person's faith. Jesus used that man to teach us how important is one's faith if they want to get something from God Without faith one gets nothing from God. So have faith in your heart.


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