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Manuel Marques Teixeira's Mark Chapter 8 comment on 1/18/2022, 2:20am...

Jesus as The Divine Master, said to a rich youngman, that it's impossible to serve God and riches, wich He called mamon, as being that youngman's idole.

There is a trap to cach wild monkeys, that consists of an hole inside a log, where the hunter puts a quantity of seeds. The monkey puts an hand through the hole and grab the seeds, but can't remove the hand full of seeds, quikly enough to escape hunter's suden arrival to kill him. Solomon's proverbs, admonishes mankind to behave rationally, avoiding violence and greed, which is a kind of violence.

May God help me and you, to be wise touwards The Lord Jesus Who is The Life, avoiding evil and death, in order to keep The God's Will and Eternal Law, through Jesus's Justic inparted to whosoever believes Jesus, as the good thief on the cross.


DT's Mark Chapter 8 comment on 9/07/2021, 3:00am...

Contend for the faith that once delivered to the saints is different than having faith ?

E.g. I have faith that if I apply myself diligently

To bible study that I will find the bright faith.

Now with that being said I also have to have faith to study the right bible . For not all who believe do not as the scripture hath said


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