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GiGi's Leviticus Chapter 22 comment about verse 3 on 1/13/2023, 2:52pm...

Thank you, Indeed Paul often refers to the statutes and ordinances in Leviticus in his writings to illustrate how Jesus fulfilled all that these fore-shadowed.


Fredscanlan's Leviticus Chapter 22 comment about verse 3 on 1/13/2023, 9:55am...

The Levites where appointed to prepare the tabernacle, and were in charge of moving it, while the people made their way into the promised land. Aaron, Moses brother would be the high priest, along with His sons, two of whom were devoured at the alter for disobedience. Understanding the different offerings will enlighten the reader into the writings of the Pauline letters, since we know that Paul was a Pharisee of all Pharisee's. All His writings are enhanced and illustrated with the use of this book. His words are interweaved with the sacraments of the alter, enlightening the reader of the true meaning of the blood and its purpose in sanctifying the soul of souls (the congregation) who bring it. How these sacrifices can never make us perfect, while we see Jesus who has become the perfect one from all eternity. The prophesied one. The Messiah, who would come to reconcile His people and those of the gentile nations ,once and for all .

Moses had been given a great responsibility, making sure that Gods will would be done. Sin offerings would be an important part of keeping the congregation( the future church ) in one mind, knowing the importance of the alter and the sinful nature of man! Consecrating the Nation into one!


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