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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 32 comment on 10/25/2022, 5:30pm...

Psalm 32

The summary of the Psalm seems to be similar or perhaps is connected to the previous one; as we see a mention of aching bones in verse 3. I had already postulated as to the possible cause of these issues; and it seems in verse 5 that certain behaviors may have led to this condition (as well as the hand of God being heavy on David in verse 4).

Verse 6 discusses coming to the Lord while there is yet time; not say in the "great flood" which could be a past reference to what happened in the days of Noah or perhaps in the end times as well. Surely we need to be mindful of sin and approach Christ while there is yet day and we can work (John 9:4 and similar admonitions). Verse 7 once again discusses a "hiding place" or place of refuge which could be deliverance through the trials in this life or from the wrath to come; or certain other things today.

We see an interesting change of wording in verse 8 which seems to carry to verse 9. The "I will instruct thee" clearly is God Himself talking; and it seems that verse 9 is very much like the book of James in the N.T. (James 3:3). Verse 10 also is like other verses which state there is no peace for the wicked (Isaiah 57:21).

We are told to "shout for joy" if indeed righteous. We are reminded of the Beatitudes where we are said to be "blessed' when persecuted and many say things against us for Christ's sake (Matt. 5:11). It seems David spent much of his years patiently handling accusations; first from Saul and then from his own offspring; partially as the result of God's chastisement due to his own transgressions.


Beverley williams's Psalms Chapter 32 comment on 4/20/2022, 10:20am...

David miss the mark and God had hand heavy on him,and he realize he had to confess and he did and was set free so he said every Godly man that hearting should call upon the Lord.However he must have seen men did wickedness and never get punished.so he blessed his the man that God imputeth not .Glad there is spirit with out guil.and I think I have that spirit.


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