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5TH CYCLE OF DISCIPLINE by Mishael's Romans Chapter 3 comment about verse 6 on 12/16/2020, 9:44am...

The Messianic Jews (dead or alive) that have been born again into Jesus Christ are sealed by the Holy Spirit and ready to go with Jesus as soon as he appears.

Take RELIGION off of the throne of your heart, and you place Jesus on that throne. pray, read the Bible (New Testament) first. Receive the Holy Spirit. Turn off the media so you can talk to the Holy Spirit and He will talk to you. Take your questions straight into the throne room. Leave your requests at the altar. Cast all your cares upon Him, because He cares about you.

The Lord has made every provision for us to be born again. For a season I would go get a copy of the King James Bible and read of what Jesus encountered in Jerusalem.

He was the awaited for Messiah. But the Pharisees and religious leaders rejected Him. They realized their jobs and control over the masses, was threatened.

Years ago the Holy Spirit showed me that over 500 prophesies were fulfilled by Jesus the Messiah. Over 100 on the day of his crucifixion alone. The odds of that happening is in the Trillions!

This is something the Gentiles need to consider. After the Caught Up in the Clouds (Rapture) 1 Thess.4:16-17. THE ELECTION passes back over TO THE JEWS of Israel. Not only that: the Restrainer will diminish in His presence on earth. The Antichrists identity will be revealed. He will attempt a fake peace on the earth. He will have power to fake miracles on the internet. Get some Arthur E Bloomfield prophesy books. Try AbeBooks to get some. Prophesies easily understood.

LEV. 26:14-39, DEU 28

Began a period of 5 cycles of discipline on all nations.

1962 God & Bible was kicked out of school.

70's-free love, drugs, war on children.

73 - Abortion legal

80's-disco & homosexuality out of closets,

90's lesbians out of closets, aids kills;

20's apathy and anarchy; pestilence and pandemics; nations arming for war; Israel

Surrounded by enemies.

We're nearer to the End! See the SIGNS

MATTHEW 24, LUKE 21:7-36


Adam's Romans Chapter 3 comment about verse 6 on 12/15/2020, 9:27pm...

Hi Juanita,

I do not believe anyone is saved based on their tribe or people group. Jews were God's chosen people, but that doesn't mean they have a free pass to heaven. They need to believe and follow Jesus just like anyone else. Even in the Bible, Judas, a Jew who followed Jesus betrayed Him and then had a horrible death and I think likely will end up in hell.

Verses on how to become a Christian: https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/become-a-christian.php


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