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GiGi's Job Chapter 5 comment on 4/04/2022, 4:40am...

Richard, so true about how we are to handle Scripture.

I was just thinking last night about seeking God's wisdom in understanding Scripture as a whole as well as individual verses, chapters, and books. Those who lack wisdom from God can easily take a verse and apply it incorrectly in their life in ways that are detrimental to themselves or others. Some may read where Job thinks he is better off dead and take that to mean that they, too are better off dead. Or where it is written in the law that children who dishonor their parent is to be stoned. These are two extreme examples. But I chose those to show how a person can take a snippet of Scripture and use it badly. This approach is how cults get started and people are led astray into heresy, apostasy or into such groups because they lack wisdom and a full knowledge of Scripture to balance out their thinking.

Thank you for your analysis. It is helpful. Job is a very interesting book, I have read it several times, but have not studied it in depth yet.


Richard H Priday's Job Chapter 5 comment on 4/03/2022, 5:37pm...

In this continuing monologue (with occasional responses by Job) from his first "friend" Eliphaz; here is a general principle of long life and prosperity mentioned as a benefit of being corrected or chastised by God. (v. 17). Although not directed to Job; and certainly not meant to compliment his righteousness in any way; there is nonetheless scriptural links with these admonitions and other verses in scripture; the chief being that He "chastises those He loves" (Heb. 12:6). It was a sort of prophetic hope coming to pass with Job's eventual renewal to his original state; in fact even more than at first. It is unlikely that Job found any comfort in this; of course.

In all this; we have two points of general note. First; value can be found whenever God's word is spoken; even if it is with contention; as Paul stated (Philippians 1:15-17).

The second point is that scripture needs to be evaluated in this book to see what is the truth. We need to understand that all scripture may be for instruction (2 Tim 3:16); but surely what Satan quoted is used against Christ and since he is a liar among his other vices; the intention of the words may be for other purposes. A lot of other things his friends were to badger him about were at best unnecessary; and as in the earlier chapter with a spirit speaking stuff; may be from the pit itself. And this book is faithful only in giving an accurate message of what was said; whether it is Gospel truth is only how well it ties in with other scriptures. Whatever his friends spoke may have had some scriptural basis; but there is no way of saying what may have come from other sources or legends. Much can be said for any truth in the Apocrypha; for example. Much has been borrowed from the Word of God but we need to discern what is instruction and what to avoid from what we do know as revealed truth. Only the parts of books such as Enoch actually in scripture can be trusted as well.


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