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Richard H Priday's Deuteronomy Chapter 24 comment on 3/09/2022, 3:11pm...

The first four verses contain the somewhat controversial saying in regard to a man divorcing his wife due to "uncleanness". It would seem that it could only refer to a wife not being a virgin BEFORE an espousement period; as an engagement had the same punishment as that of someone actually married-the death penalty for relations with another man. Women were expected to be virgins; and in this situation if it turned out that they weren't they were free to marry another. They could not return if the next husband dumped them or he died. As I read scripture, once a marriage is CONSUMMATED at least in the New Testament as long as the spouse lives; one cannot remarry another. If uncleanness meant some sickness or not; that is open to debate.

There are further admonitions for new husbands in v. 5; and pledges in v. 6. Interestingly; what Joseph's brothers did would be liable for a death penalty according to v. 7.

Leprosy is briefly touched upon in verse 7 as to rules for cleanness; with a sobering reminder of what happened with Miriam cited earlier in scripture.

Rules on pledges follow; followed by fair timely payment for a hired servant. Verse 16 discusses what is found in Ezekiel regarding a son not being held liable for a father's sin and vice versa.

The rest of the verses remind us of how to treat the orphan and widow. It is a repeated admonition to save food and not do a final gleaning of various produce of the field. It reminds us of the verse in James; about true religion and helping out the orphan and widow. (James 1:27).

The scripture clearly teaches many statutes that are still binding today. The only real change is that of ceremonial foods; (as God directed Peter on in the Book of Acts); and the Sabbath (Christ is now Lord of the Sabbath). However; anyone who does not keep the whole law is cursed. Hence; Christ is the fulfillment of the law; and the true substance thereof.


Charles Robert Northup's Deuteronomy Chapter 24 comment on 2/06/2022, 12:08pm...

Don't let the sun go down on a debit, usury was unlawful and is still forbidden to borrow from the lost a big NO but if borrow and agree to repay it you must repay it. It's called being honest and having integrity, having a good name among all men. do unto others as you'd have others do unto you, what if someone didn't repay you? Love, is not paying back love? love your brother, love your neighbor, love your enemy.


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