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Jcbu undercover's Matthew Chapter 15 comment on 1/24/2022, 8:21am...

Mathew 15/27 And she said,Truth,LORD;yet the dogs eat of the crumbs,which fall from the master's table.28 Then Jesus answered and said unto her,O woman great is thy faith:be it even unto thee as thou wilt.And her daughter was made whole that very hour. 0 0 oo oo oo o o o ooo ooooo ooo oo ooo oo Holy Bread Crumbs

excrept from Destiny Dreams and Visions

Holy Bread crumbs our Lord gave to us. o o o oo ooo oo

Leading to his words and away from our lusts. o o o o oo

o o As a radiant light you begin to glow. o o oo o o o oo o

When the Holy Spirit consumes your soul. o o o o o o o o

o o A mystery inside a mystery. o o o o o o o o oo oooo

o oBegins inside this world cannot see. o o o o oo ooooo

o o A treasure inside a treasure so deep. o o o o o o o o o

o o Angels to guard you even in your sleep. oo ooo o ooo o

o o Prophets and sages from the begining of time. o o o ooo

o o To guide you on your journey to the sublime. o ooo ooo o

o o Holy bread crmbs our father gave to us. o o o o o o o ooo

o o To follow to savour from ashes to dust. o o oo ooooo ooo

o o When we humble ourselves and repent of our sin.o oo oo

o o We start that expedition,of glory in him. o o o o o oo o ooo

o o For he gave us all a treasure to hold.o ooo o o ooo o ooo o

o o To cherish,and protect each one of our souls. o o o o oo ooo

o o To give our life over to him. o o ooo o o oo ooooooooo o ooo

o o Only he can protect us if we turn from our sin. o o o o o oo

o o His love is eternal ,and from heaven sent. o o o o o o o oo

o o All he asks from us is to repent. o o o o ooooo ooooo oooo

o o When you have he will send his holy spirit. ooo oo oo ooo oo

o o In your heart you will see it hear it ,and feel it. o o o o o ooo

o o With prayer's,praise,and his holy songs. ooo o ooooo ooooo

o o He will give liberty,as angels mist lift us along. oo ooo oooo

o o Holy bread crumbs that fall from God's table. o oooo oo oooo

o o The bread of life feeds the soul,and makes the heart stable. o

o o o o o o oo o


Good words's Matthew Chapter 15 comment on 9/23/2021, 5:10am...

Matthew 15.14

To those that will be wise , read the Bible and God will teach you if you have ears to hear the truth , or be blind , there are many blind guides available !

Jesus said Matthew 24.4,5

Jesus said unto them , take heed that no man deceive you .

Many shall come in my name , and shall deceive many .

They have been around a long time and still going strong .

Take heed !


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