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SB's Matthew Chapter 15 comment about verse 28 on 8/05/2020, 6:39pm...

Jesus didn't insult her. He told her the truth. She then accepted the truth, and showed that she still believed that he could and would save her child. He recognized her faith, and granted her request. However, the truth still remains.


Mishael's Matthew Chapter 15 comment about verse 26 on 8/05/2020, 2:22am...

Jesus came to preach & teach to the Jews first. It's a prophesy. Read verses in your center of the page reference columns.

The disciples were told to wait in the upper room for Pentecost: to receive the Holy Spirit and power.

The Gentiles had to wait until Apostle Paul got saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and told his ministry would be to the Gentiles.

This great website has a Commentary Box you can click on to read explanation of any scripture in the Bible.

pull up your verse in one of the 2 Search Boxes. Click and it turns yellow. Scroll downward till you see the Commentary Box.

Open it up

You would've seen that the prophesy said Jesus would be sent to the Jews first.

Why? Because the Jews and Romans were going to crucify Jesus; just like John the Baptist was killed.

I make mistakes too, so just apologize to Jesus. Humility is good for us :/

It makes for good teachers.

The Holy Spirit is our Teacher. Like me, ask Him to help you understand what you're reading. He will show you amazing things!

He is the ONE the disciples were waiting for.

If we hunger and thirst for righteousness; we will be Filled


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