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S's Luke Chapter 23 comment about verse 31 on 6/05/2020, 7:34pm...

I agree about the.demon activity.

The word of God tells us to keep ourselves unspotted from the world.


Mishael on Peaceful Protests's Luke Chapter 23 comment about verse 31 on 6/05/2020, 3:07pm...

Find where Jesus participated in a peaceful protest?

The crowd that screamed for His crucifixion was somewhat orderly till they brought him to the podium with a red horse blanket over him and a crown of thorns (needles 5 inches long):

The crowd became a DEMON and screamed for The Guilty Verdict. Penalty: Death

I know if many of you have heard of actual demonic persecution. It's a whole different teaching but it's in the New Testament in numerous places.

Demons are no doubt in the crowds pushing people to do the unthinkable. They had the Pharisees doing demonic will. Demons thought they finally had the Son of God at last... to suffer and die a grisly death for working on the Sabbath.

Demons of violence; chaos; murder; demons of death! Spiritual wickedness.

People who take over protests are possessed by Satan with plans for mayhem. They don't care if you're blinded by a rubber bullet.

The New Testament in the Bible has a lot to say about last days Of violence. It would be wise to study that.

Try thinking what cities will be like one hour after the rapture (Caught Up) happens? There's not enough police to stop a flood of demon possessed people armed with guns or baseball bats. If recent hoarding wasn't bad enough; after the Rapture they'll knock in your doors for what they want. It's gonna be bad...

It's not a phenomenon or a fad; it's a preview.


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