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Thomas's Genesis Chapter 10 comment on 3/06/2023, 9:01pm...

who is the sun if lush and the suns of ed den


Chris's Genesis Chapter 10 comment on 2/20/2023, 12:13am...

Hi Eric. The way I understand Genesis 6:3, is that the LORD is giving mankind 120 years of life till He wipes them out. So, "yet his days" don't refer to the 'new' lifespan of humans, but to the remaining days that man has on Earth. All would be wiped out, but Noah & his family "found grace in the eyes of the LORD". And within that time frame of 120 years, Noah was given the plans for building the Ark, collecting the wood & beams, building it, collecting the animals & food to sustain them all, until God shut the door & brought the rain.

It didn't take Noah that long to build the Ark (some have calculated the figure should be around 70 years), but from God's announcement of 120 years left for mankind's life on Earth, there would have been a long period (long, for us today) between the announcement & the start of the building work & the coming of the rain.


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