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Chris's Job Chapter 20 comment about verse 27 on 11/25/2020, 7:55pm...

I'm have no idea what the verse reveals "for the USA & the World", but as far as an explanation of Job 20:27, in context, indicates something else. As you know from reading this Book, one of Job's 'friends', Zophar the Naamathite wanted to make his voice heard about Job's plight. His spirit & thoughts on this was burning & he couldn't resist offering his warning. He, as Job's other 'friends' put Job's sufferings onto Job himself, indicating he was at fault & suffering for it, with more torment to come.

So to verse 27: essentially this is Zophar's word to Job that at some time, God will reveal to Job his faults/sins, indeed, the Earth itself will not keep quiet & rise up against him (maybe with further natural torments to his life & family). So I don't see this verse as indicative of present/future World events, though there are other verses, particularly in the Book of Revelation that show us the horrors of God's Wrath that are yet to be poured out in the Great Tribulation.


Alfred christianer's Job Chapter 20 comment about verse 27 on 11/25/2020, 4:05pm...

My dream, and the earth shall rise up and consume them from within, thus say lord. What does this mean for the USA and the world. This came to me which I though was a dream several months ago.


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