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Bl's Psalms Chapter 20 comment on 11/20/2020, 5:27pm...

The latest comment had to have been the sweetest thing I've ever read. Thank you dear friend


Loving Your Neighbors because God does's Psalms Chapter 20 comment on 9/24/2020, 12:47pm...

The most loving thing to do, is to plow that barren field, with the sacrifice of prayer.

Jesus taught parables about farming, to farmers! :) (Also fishermen, tax collectors, etc.)

With sweat and tired muscles, one must plow a field, remove the rocks; and make the field ready to sow seeds (of kindness).

Glean you're scriptures to pray for this neighbor from that. In the righteousness of Jesus, your Savior: command Satan and his demonic workers to "get the hence", from your neighbors life. Go into outer darkness!

"This field, I claim the harvest for Jesus Christ." Do some study on faith scriptures (see your Bible dictionary)

Release prayers of the love of God and Christ, toward your neighbor. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest, to set up a meeting.

Take a package of good, store wrapped cookies (so they will not refuse food from someone they didn't trust previously)

Ask God if He can send an angel over there to bring the neighbor outside. Walk over, saying I cover this meeting with the blood of Jesus; under your breath.

Then just inquire how your neighbor has been coping with sheltering at home so much? Or, I was thinking about how you are doing? I bought myself some cookies and thought I would bring you some too.

You've plowed, sown the seed and chased out the crows...And rained the love of God on your neighbor. You have fully extended the love of Jesus by your work. Expect the harvest. Even if it's not this day, it will happen soon. Let your faith and continued prayers grow.

I pray in Jesus name, that your love will be rewarded... with a new friend.



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