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Madhatter57's Psalms Chapter 20 comment on 1/19/2023, 4:14pm...

What does this word mean? Selah.

Thanks Allen


Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 20 comment on 10/12/2022, 7:19pm...

Psalm 20 review.

Verses 1 through 5 in this Psalm show us how God generally hears from His sanctuary and is there for them. Verse 5 describes banners; and given the theme of the other Psalms it is likely that a military campaign and victory from God is seen here. Verse 6 discusses how God's "anointed" will be heard from heaven with the strength of "his right hand". That could more specifically be David; or perhaps his son or any other king.

The trusting in chariots and horses in verse 7 brought the downfall of Solomon later on. 1 Kings 4:26 shows he did this anyway; and the other warnings in scripture such as Deut. 17:16 and 2 Chronicles 1:17 were ignored (not to mention his warning not to marry women who would lead him astray with foreign gods).

David trusted in his own numbers as well as we see in 1 Chronicles chapter 21 (Satan himself motivated him and God allowed it). It is hard to tell the timing of that event if it was before or after this Psalm was written. The last verse asks God to save; but king is not capitalized; so it seems he would be asking the king to respond (which of course would be an admonishment to everyone else when he was king unless it was written beforehand when Saul was king). Perhaps someone can help me clarify that passage.


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