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GiGi's Genesis Chapter 39 comment about verse 7 on 12/02/2021, 9:05pm...

This account of Joseph in Potiphar's house is familiar to many. Joseph was 17 when he arrived in Potiphar's household. It does not say how much time had elapsed until Potiphar noticed that God prospered Joseph in all he did. Joseph knew God. Jacob most likely shared his faith with Joseph and taught Him what he knew. I do not think that Joseph was very mature in His faith when he first arrived in Egypt. God favored and prospered Joseph in accordance with His will and purpose for Joseph's life. Joseph did not merit this favor and prosperity. But God blessed him more so than others.

I think that these blessings encouraged to look to God more and more. They strengthened his faith and resolve to follow God's ways.

Potiphar was an important official to the Pharaoh. He most likely had many responsibilities along with prestige among the people. He noticed Joseph, a slave, and chose to give Joseph responsibility over his household. This was quite and honor as well as putting Joseph under a microscope, so to speak. Potiphar's wife noticed Joseph, too. But not in a good way. She say that Joseph was young, and handsome, and virile. She desired to seduce him into adultery and attempted this repeatedly over a period of time.

Joseph must have been careful not to be alone in the house with her. But one day, he had to be in the house to do some task and he was alone there with the wife. She tried to ensnare him again, but he repelled her advances once again, running away from the the occasion for sin. His refusal to lie with the wife landed him in prison, as Potiphar either believed his wife or wanted to protect her reputation and honor.

Even in prison, God favored Joseph and intervened to have Joseph be put in charge of the other prisoners. God was further developing Joseph's leadership skills, but, more importantly, God was forming Joseph's character.

Joseph was not perfect. None of us are. So, God did not favor him because he was perfect, but because he was His.


Fred Scanlan's Genesis Chapter 39 comment on 2/03/2021, 2:58am...

In chapter 3 ,it says the master saw the Lord was with Him! The hope in Joseph heart was always in God , even from the depths of darkness!


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