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U4YAH's Psalms Chapter 7 comment on 2/12/2023, 9:32am...

It's not right at all.


Adam's Psalms Chapter 7 comment on 2/09/2023, 6:00pm...

Hi Dave,

I don't think its forbidden to make just "anything" from wood. If you have a certain scripture in mind, go ahead and post that and we'll take a look at what it says, whether it was a specific law for Israelites or ritual law or what. God blessed us with wood to use for all kinds of things. The Bible has many things made of wood, like the cross Jesus carried, both arks Exodus 25:10, and Jesus was a carpenter, so he made all kinds of things of wood as his job. People use wood paper to write on, to read books, like the Bible, and use it for toilet paper, paper towels and all kinds of products that would hard to avoid. Of course if the Bible said to avoid wood we would need to do that, but I'm not aware of anywhere in the Bible saying that. If it actually said that, a lot of people would not be able to live in an apartment or house or gather in a church, because most are made from wood.

I don't believe crosses are wrong. I believe idols and idol worship are wrong. If someone is worshipping a cross that is wrong. I haven't heard of anyone doing that. If the cross represents what Jesus did for us I think that's a good thing to worship Jesus in the presence of one. I've seen videos of catholics bowing to a statue of mary as a god. That is wrong. What is the object of worship should be the question.

Do you have a verse that says decorations are wrong- whether you have a hood ornament on a car or a house with a door knob with a design or a Bible cover? Is it possible you are merging a few verses like the one about women wearing excessive adornments 1 Peter 3:3?


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