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Fortheauthor's Psalms Chapter 7 comment on 12/17/2020, 10:21am...

Jesus said, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do". He came to die and offer His forgiveness to His enemies and persecutors.

Father, help us in these difficult and latter days to have a right perspective. Grant a special mercy and protection to our Christian brothers and sisters facing intense persecution. Comfort them in their affliction and give them wisdom in the face of their persecutors. Grant them a quick escape route and keep them free from evil intentions. Help them to be "wise as serpents and innocent as doves". When they cannot escape in this life, grant them the peace of knowing that though they may destroy the body, they can never touch the soul of those who belong to you. May your Word continue to go forth unhindered and unbound. How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ: may they be blessed beyond measure! Amen and Maranatha!


Mild Bill's Psalms Chapter 7 comment on 12/07/2020, 3:14am...

God judges the righteous people,his people,and wicked people stir his anger continually.The righteous people have a trust in their God,from their hearts,and desire to see an end of wickedness,even in this world.Whereas the wicked never have him in their rambling of mind.Frustration,disappointment,and violence stem from the works of the wicked.Daily living in the awfulness of situations they bring on themselves is a just reward.Believers have pity for the wicked, but there is no like concern returning from them.Believers should not persue a desire to be as sinful,rather to be,pleasing to our God who is love.The judging of believers is an interaction with God, for our good,putting to death the old man within,and glorifying God,evoking praise for him, from within the heart which he has turned from stone to flesh.


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