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Philip Christian Parks's 2 Peter Chapter 3 comment on 5/31/2021, 7:57am...

2Pet. 3:3; scoffers = Psalm 1:1 implies sinners progress in their ever-increasing depravity until they become scoffers in their final state.

Scoffers scornfully and maliciously mock GOD, HIS SON The LORD JESUS CHRIST, GOD's Word, GOD's people, and all GODly matters to bring disgrace and contempt. These have evolved in their lifestyles for so long, they no longer fear GOD.

Because JESUS CHRIST has not yet returned as promised, scoffers believe HE will not come again at all. The very existence of scoffers proves these are "the last days" (Jude v.18).

The reader could argue that these scoffers compose a more blatant and aggressive group than the more private "false teachers who privily shall bring in damnable heresies" (2Pet. 2:1). As followers and adherents of false teachers, these scoffers voice their ridicule more publicly.

These less than subtle scoffers are "walking after their own lusts" partly because they swallow the "cunningly devised fables" (1:16) and the "damnable heresies" (2:1) of the false teachers (2:1) and have become the "twofold more the child of hell" described by CHRIST (Mt. 23:15). See also John 8:44, Acts 13:10, and 17:5.

Scoffers deride those who believe Scriptural prophecies regarding CHRIST's Second Coming by declaring that since CHRIST has not yet returned, that is proof HE will not return (v.4).

Their derisive question regarding "the promise" (v.4) voices their mockery of CHRIST WHO promised a Second Coming that HE cannot fulfill. Not only do scoffers mock the prophecies of the prophets, but they also mock CHRIST HIMSELF WHO prophesied of HIS own Second Coming (Jn. 14:2, 28). Scoffers' denial of CHRIST's Second Coming will not hinder HIS Coming for "The LORD is not slack concerning HIS Promise" (v.9). See also verse ten where Peter emphasized, "But the Day of The LORD will come."

In the end, GOD will mock and laugh at the scoffers (Ps. 2:4; 37:13; 59:8; Pro. 1:25-26).


Mishael's 2 Peter Chapter 3 comment on 4/23/2021, 2:07pm...

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