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Alvis Jenkins's Romans Chapter 2 comment on 2/27/2023, 10:57pm...

Many people read from the Bible and scan over many words without ever knowing what some words mean, such as: iniquities, transgressions, tresspasses and sins. I have heard people say they are all synonymous. If that were true then why wouldn't the scripture just use one word ?


Giannis's Romans Chapter 2 comment on 4/30/2022, 2:07pm...

Dear Maria

It is an easy thing to preach inside a church where you are surrounded by fellow Christians but going out there at the front line one has to have guts. God provides His strentgh though. I agree with brother Jesse that that is not for everybody. In my life I have seen christians that go out there and talk to the crowds feeling sooo comfortable and selfconfident like they talk to friends sitting at a cafe. I can't do that. Once two of my brothers in Christ asked me to accompany them when they went to talk in public at a cental spot of the town where i live in. I didn't have to talk, just stand there and support them with my presence. When they started talking to people and saw so many people looking at me I got terrorised, wished the land to open and got inside it. But I felt so ashamed of that, and I did s little prayer inside me. Said, Lord give me courage, I must be here supporting my brothers. And then I realized that I actually didn't care at all about people stirring at me, it didn't bother me at all. God provides you with His grace when you ask for it. But still one has to be of a specific character to do that. But on the other hand if nobody makes himself available to God for preaching in public whom is going God to send? That is why I admire people like Mishael who spent their whole lives fighting at the front line. They are christians' heavy artillery. God bless them. And you.


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