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MELISSA ELDER's Romans Chapter 2 comment on 6/15/2020, 5:36am...

The Jews were God's chosen people from the beginning of the human race, so it was only natural that God would send His Son to be born of a Jewish woman. But Jesus did not become a Christian. Christian refers to the followers of Christ who followed Him in Word and Truth after His death, burial, and resurrection.

And yes, God was and is a perfect Creator.


Lorna's Romans Chapter 2 comment about verse 11 on 6/12/2020, 4:56am...

He (our creator), is no respect of persons, we read from the bible.

so why did he choose to be born a jew?

then later become a christian?

this seems a controversial issue!

for the bible also says...

i change not!

can one begin to trust anyone who calls himself

god, who changes not,

then,do a complete flip? to keep what has always

been his!

and after what he so firmly says! i change not!

even satan would have something to say about this!

and as we also know, he is immortal

he is perfect,

so there is

no change from perfection to being a mortal creator

which would, put him in the same bracket as satan, who is

a created being, thus here he lowers himself

(when there is no need to), in not only satan's eyes,

but all mankind, being born again to prove

his ownership! he turns human like us!


he is the owner to all his creation!

never has he lost anything to a created being - satan!

who can never stand up to his maker, owing every

minute to him for his own life, and would surely be

consumed by the creator's presence!

for the wages of sin is death,

satan is living only

through his makers gratis, or he should have long

been dead by now!

i believe my creator is perfect in everyway.

never has he lost anything he is owner of,

not incompetent, untruthful to his word,

lacking a sure foundation, and the ability

to hold on to what is rightfully his!

unaware of the helplessness of man's

suffering, that he took so long to come to

his aid!

had to leave a place called heaven to show

who he rightfully is!

then to prove to man he had to lower his

status in order to win back the ownership

of this sad world! and his people!

and then be told by satan...

to bow down to him, and he (our creator)

would be given this whole!

i also believe my creator knew what he did

back then, even before he created anything

for surely he is an immortal being, knows his

own, and how to manage it all, even satan.

he need never to prove to anyone or answer.


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