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Ed's Exodus Chapter 19 comment on 7/03/2020, 9:21am...

Because man has both a physical and a divine nature, we face choices everyday. In any given situation where a choice must be made we rely either on our physical selves to respond or on our divine selves to respond. God is letting his people know that a separation between the two natures must observed at all times. The physical nature must never dictate to the divine nature. This would cause the divine nature to weaken and die over time. Following the divine nature would require God to provide us with guidance when making choices. His people are not allowed to see his divine nature; but He does provide Moses with laws to guide us.

This is what happened in Eden. Eve (the physical) convinced Adam (the divine) to join her in discovering that which would make them a god. This discovery caused them to hide their nakedness from the LORD God, and led to Adam's eventual death. This conflict exists throughout the Holy Bible. Cain and Able, Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah and the Ark, Pharaoh and Moses...Our ongoing conflict between the divine and the physical; joined but separate.


Seventh day is sabbath's Exodus Chapter 19 comment on 4/04/2020, 7:22pm...

God is laying it out plain and simple..It is our choice weather to obey Gods Covenant/Laws or not, here is the up side if you do, you will be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people.rnTitus 2:14rn1 Peter 2:9


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