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GiGi's Genesis Chapter 45 comment on 12/14/2021, 5:41pm...

What a lovely turn in this story of Joseph and his family. He got to the point where he could no longer hold it in. He had to reveal to them who he was. And they did not believe him! It had been a few decades and they had not heard from him. They surely thought he was dead but definitely not one in charge of Egypt!

Joseph knew how much God had blessed him despite what his brothers had done to him. They did not know all of the details of ow God worked in Joseph's life yet. So, Joseph was speaking from a place of greater knowledge of God than they had. No wonder the brothers were a bit dumbfounded.

Interesting that Joseph said that he was as a father to . Was Pharaoh much younger than Joseph? I love that Pharaoh was very happy to meet Joseph's family. He was very generous to invite the whole family to Egypt to be taken care of by Joseph. There was to be five more years of famine, but Pharaoh must have known that Joseph had put away enough food for many neighboring peoples to come and get food.

Joseph gave God all of the credit for the good that came to him from the sinful way his brothers treated him. He told the brothers to not be bothered about what they had done. How good it must have been for them to know that he had forgiven them. Even after all of these years, the brothers were still keenly bothered by the communal sin they shared concerning Joseph.

When Jacob was told Joseph was alive it says his heart fainted and that then he was revived. Did he die and was revived? Or did he just faint? to Jacob, Joseph was brought back from the dead.

They all were heading to Egypt. Did Jacob know the prophesy God had spoken over Abraham about their sojourn in Egypt?

On to the next chapter.


Job's Genesis Chapter 45 comment on 3/13/2020, 8:49pm...

Yeah, me too. This is only part of bible where tears came into my eyes.


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