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Ann's Ezekiel Chapter 23 comment on 8/18/2020, 5:41pm...

On Ezk.ch23::::: the mixed up comments This is Our God/Lord speaking to Us n warning Us of Our Wrong doings, we thought it was hidden,but we cannot hide from God. We might not like the words.....just consider how God Felt when He God have to witness Our Gross actions That's why today Rights wrong n wrongs right....you might say that was for The Children of Israel of The Old Testament no friends. We're in the said times no different than yesterday year

Just look around examine your life.... Stop judging God n let God be our Judge.....If we seek Him then We will find Him

Through the Blood of Jesus The only One that is Perfect....God bless the true Believers container seeking, we will find Him

God Blesses UsAll your sister In Christ


Obbie Beal's Ezekiel Chapter 23 comment on 2/05/2020, 5:21am...

When 8 months 3 week 6 days arrive for a women with child, ready or not....like the above the hour has come and this time it is the hour for all mankind in 2020, ready or no.... all 7 SEALS in the book of REVELATION are SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE of all the above, believe it or not....nevertheless SALVATION through JESUS is PAID FOR, see John 3:16-21.


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