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New Testament Sabbath Practices by Mishael's Mark Chapter 2 comment about verse 28 on 6/07/2021, 2:24pm...

I think we as a whole, do not fully understand what the Sabbath Day is for; according to ONLY New Testament revision, implemented by the Lord Jesus Christ. He was Lord of the Old Testament (Covenant), and Jesus taught revisions in the years of his ministry on earth.

The Pharisees only perceived Jesus was going to upset their whole way of operation. They would rather have Jesus dead, than change anything about Sabbath, tithes and offerings, helping out the poor.

I will be hated too for it too. Jesus went in and overturned money changer tables, let loose the doves, scattered sheep. WHY? Outside the Temple it was like a New York stock exchange. Clearly Jesus does not want that in His Church.

COLOSSIANS 1:18; 2:8-23, Details what Jesus wants from His New Testament Church.

If we have great need of blessing and help, we give our best and Jesus will bless accordingly. The Churches operate on Tithes, alone. They were not meant to consume the offerings on their church beautification projects. All that is destined to be burned to ashes.

I might ask: if everyone in your household was in bed on the edge of death, would you leave and attend Sabbath, because you were afraid of Not going?

I perceive Jesus as being Very Practical, and Merciful to the problems of mankind. If our household is struck down in bed with COVID, we should be able to summon the Pastors or Elders to come and pray for the sick.

Sabbath is not constrained to a particular day of the week. The Service Times are posted, and people attend on those days. Jesus wants them to be able to get to a service so they can be taught, take communion, give tithes and offerings, receive prayer for healing.

That's why people are sitting home on Weekends. Our society sucks the life out of us with work, low pay, grid-locked traffic twice a day, kid problems, elderly parents that need visits.

Church must be more flexible. It serves people. Not vice versa. Study Jesus's examples in NT


Adam's Mark Chapter 2 comment about verse 28 on 6/07/2021, 9:10am...

Not sure why you want to reply to someone on a given topic then say you want to discuss another topic. Who are you?


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