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GiGi's Mark Chapter 2 comment on 12/19/2021, 10:00pm...

Hi Brad, Classically thinking, repent is a turning away from one's rebellion to and unbelief in God towards seeking God for forgiveness of unbelief, rebellion, and all sin. So one who has repented in the biblical sense is one who has heard the gospel of Jesus and believed it as the answer for salvation of one's soul and trusting Jesus for all of this. As David said, If you confess with your mouth and believe in you heart that Jesus is LORD, you shall be saved. After one repents, confesses, and believes the gospel and in Jesus, the new believer will claim that Jesus is truly God who is the Savior and LORD (God and Sovereign over the person) to the person individually and personally in a new redeemed relationship with God, who is the Creator of All.

Bless you for asking. It is always good to rethink the basics of our faith and find the best words we can to relay the truth of Scriptures concerning salvation.


David's Mark Chapter 2 comment on 12/19/2021, 6:23pm...

Hi Brad To repent is to Confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ and believe in thine heart that God

raised Him from the dead and though shalt be saved. This is confessing the saviour from sin, then you determine

to live your life by Gods Word changing according to His word which is His Will. Then from this time on when you sin

or break fellowship prayerfully not intentionally we confess the broken fellowship and receive remission of forgiveness

for the current sin or error. It is a lifetime of a walk of discipline. We will sin and that's why we have a Saviour

Praise God.


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