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Chris's Revelation Chapter 18 comment about verse 5 on 6/26/2020, 10:49pm...

To answer your question directly means I won't refer to the first & other previous occasions when the Apocryphal books were disputed. But to your question about the 1611 KJV, those books were present in that KJV version but removed later in AD 1885.

They were considered as not Divinely inspired writings, having questionable origins, authors & whose canonicity (i.e. Scriptures that are accepted as standard & worthy) was doubtful. For example, the following references speak of money also being able to help in sin's atonement: Sirach 3:30, Tobit 4:10; 12:9; 14:11 & 2 Macc 12:41-45 (included prayer for the dead & purgatory). This speaks of also being saved by works: 1 Macc 2:52. The dead are praying: Baruch 3:4. And many more.

The apostles of Christ nor Jesus, ever considered those writings as part of the body of Scripture though allusions to it were made a couple of times: e.g. 2 Tim 3:8 & Jude 14,15. Therefore, the Apocryphal books are not totally without Truth or useless, but they have sufficient spurious information that should make us cautious & particularly for someone unfamiliar with the Bible & its specific teachings on the accepted doctrines.


Joy's Revelation Chapter 18 comment about verse 5 on 6/26/2020, 9:00am...

When was the 1611 KJV revised to remove the apocrypha? The hank you, your site is very easy to use and an excellent source for research.


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