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Revelation Chapter 18


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Rob's Revelation Chapter 18 comment about verse 4 on 10/22/2020, 12:32pm...

Falling away indeed , but still more to come . Society in general , wants no law and order , but are not wise enough to know the results of it .

Also God raises up spoilers for a reason as well . It's time to really be serious about God and his word . And thank God for his unchanging word too !

Are hope is when Christ comes again , the darkness that precedes it means it's coming closer . But many things need to come to

Pass yet and have not .

We are not appointed unto wrath . Jesus Christ is our Ark in the flood of trouble .


JOHN WHITE's Revelation Chapter 18 comment about verse 4 on 10/22/2020, 2:07am...

i believe the come out of her my people, is a call to the in general catholics who are still in the Catholic Church as more and more the Catholic Church is corrupted. The latest from the Pope is a call to recognize civil unions for Gay couples. Think of jewish teaching on homosexality and look at the current catholic teaching. One could do this on Many topics. This pope also has turned to the policy that WORKS is needed for salvation. Basically the Catholic church has now turned into a giant charitable organization. Salvation is a gift from a merciful GOD. Good luck to Catholics who adopt these heretical teachings. I do not think we have to wait long now to know exactly what GOD thinks about the last 50 years. The great falling away could only be missed by someone truly blind. That is no one paticular person but a huge part of the baby boomers on have had basically no religion,didn't say i was any better just pointing out the realities of today.


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