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Jema's Numbers Chapter 25 comment about verse 17 on 7/29/2023, 1:42am...

I do not disagree , of course I don't , why would I ? I do not agree with some people who seem to want to imply that sexual sins are some how worse than others. Jesus says that even to think of adultery is to commit it , to me this does not mean that sexual sins are worse than others , it just reminds me of all the other kinds of sins that go through my mind every day . We all have sinful thoughts , some of a sexual nature but there are very many more kinds of sinful thoughts , judging others , looking down on others , pride in our appearance , pride in our so called accomplishments , witholding a kind word when we know it's needed , the list is literally endless as I'm sure we all know . These sins in our thoughts are easy for us to hide from others , we can keep doing them all day every day and no one can accuse us or point the finger at us because they don't know about them , we hide them in ourselves and so may appear to others to be holier than thou , but in fact we are festering inside . Some sins go before , outwardly appearing to others and inviting judgement and condemnation from others , who will not miss the opportunity to point the finger . God knows every thought that passes through our minds and hearts , we can hide many of our sins from others but we can hide nothing from our Heavenly Father . He knows what we all are and I believe that we all , including me , need to recognise who and what we are before pointing our fingers at others . How do we know any one else's prayers to their God ? How do we know any one else's struggles with their own personal weaknesses ? We don't and we are not judges in this life other than of our own weaknesses and faults and failings . God is my judge and I'm glad He is . He is righteousness and He is merciful and whatever judgement He lays on me I will take it because I know that He alone is pure and in a perfect state in order to judge me . Any one can think anything of me and I don't mind , God alone is pure and right


Giannis's Numbers Chapter 25 comment about verse 17 on 7/28/2023, 12:30pm...

1 Corinthians 6:18

"Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body."


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