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Rick Mentzer's Revelation Chapter 16 comment about verse 17 on 1/23/2021, 8:55am...

It can be anything that apposes itself against the true God, I know a lot of Beleivers who use the internet to teach so not everything about it is evil.


Chris's Revelation Chapter 16 comment about verse 17 on 1/21/2021, 5:14am...

If you're referring to Revelation 16:17, then this verse speaks of an angel (from God) who pours out his vial upon the Earth in the time of the Great Tribulation (when God's Anger is poured out upon the world). After the contents of the vial was poured out, there were thunders, lightnings & a great earthquake. So there's no devil seen in this verse, & certainly no internet.

However, Ephesians 2:2 does mention the "prince of the power of the air". Maybe you're thinking of this, as certainly the Devil is implied here, but any reference to the internet is not seen here either.


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