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2 Chronicles Chapter 19


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David's 2 Chronicles Chapter 19 comment on 10/15/2021, 4:45am...

Although we fall continually from His path, I praise the Lord for His continued protection and love for us. May I receive Godly rebuke well as well a king Jehoshaphat did in the prefect Name and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Praying for our nation's leaders during this Pandemic, social, economic, and political unrest. May we all turn to the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, for there in lies our hope, peace and comfort.

God bless all, and may the Lord's face shine continually upon us daily.

October 15, 2021


Brianna vs. 10's 2 Chronicles Chapter 19 comment on 12/01/2018, 6:38am...

This verse highlights that it is not wrong to warn your fellow Christian of a wrong course. I know many people today do not want to be told when they are doing wrong, or believe that it's a personal matter between them and God. However, the people here were encouraged to help their brothers and sister and WARN them. If they listened or not, then that was up to the individual.


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