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David's Deuteronomy Chapter 15 comment on 5/29/2021, 11:41am...

Much to digest here. Many things can be hard to put into play because we do not remember that everything we have is given to us by God Himself. Therefore if we are willing to be blessed and a blessing for as long as we sojourn on this earth; God is well within His rights to give us precepts, directions, and responsibilities as land owners, entrepenuaers, and any one who has been blessed in any fashion. These instructions are the forerunner of severance pay, early retirement, medical disability, welfare, soup kitchens etc. Notice that none of these areas of assistance for the public welfare was given to the government. It has always been the responsibility of individuals or the people to provide for the needs of others.

Let us learn to keep the whole counsel of God not just parts of it. The complete Bible not just some of the Bible.


Chris's Deuteronomy Chapter 15 comment on 12/13/2020, 3:18am...

Deuteronomy 15:19-23, speaks of the animals to be offered in sacrifice to God. The animal had to be the 'firstling' of the flock/herd, they were not to be put to work & after the sacrifice, they were to be eaten before the Lord. However, if that animal had any blemish or impediment, then it could not be sacrificed as only a pure offering was acceptable. This of course, speaks to us that Jesus was God's pure offering for the sins of the world & not at all like man's provision of an offering which showed contrition for his sins.

So any blemished animal should not be offered in sacrifice, but (in verse 22), it could still be eaten by both the clean & unclean person in their homes (this signifies whether a person was afflicted with disease or discharge, or for a woman after giving birth, etc.). All people could eat of a blemished animal, even of those that couldn't be sacrificed, like the roebuck or deer which are unclean animals. However, the blood of the animals couldn't be consumed, as some pagans were want to do with their food.

The Book of Leviticus gives an extensive dealing with this subject of sacrifice, the different animals that can or cannot be used & the condition of the priests & people who can participate in it.


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