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Eugenie's Hebrews Chapter 7 comment on 9/22/2020, 9:24am...

By standard orders and the bibile principles,if we as a nation and mankind had pursuant to the carnal commandments he Christ would not gave up is life to restore us from sin,in order for the new law to be restablished on Love,that is what we ought to be doing,and Forgiving one to another, this world is misguing them selves from great er spiritual power of understanding forgive and love,the scripture is real it s Law


Melchizedek's Hebrews Chapter 7 comment on 8/06/2020, 10:27am...

This what the Commentary writes:

7:11 The apostle now demonstrates that the Levitical priesthood must yield to the priesthood of Christ, because Melchizedek , after whose order he is a priest, Is opposed to Aaron, #Heb 7:11 |- 14. Hath no end of life, #Heb 7:15 |- 19, but remaineth a priest continually. If now perfection were by the Levitical priesthood - If this perfectly answered all God's designs and man's wants For under it the people received the law - Whence some might infer, that perfection was by that priesthood. What farther need was there, that another priest - Of a new order, should be set up? From this single consideration it is plain, that both the priesthood and the law, which were inseparably connected, were now to give way to a better priesthood and more excellent dispensation.

Comment:There are many scriptures on Melchizedek. His Priesthood was superior to the Aaronic Priesthood.


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