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Bro Barney's Hebrews Chapter 7 comment about verse 9 on 4/15/2021, 6:10am...


Giving to the poor and needy is a wonderful thing and should be encouraged. However, you mentioned tithes. In the Old Testament God required tithes in order to support and maintain the temple for worship and support of the priests. Today we have many churches going under because of lack of attendance and support. The churches I am familiar with are in need of tithes to support their pastor and maintain a place of worship. Satan is working hard to close all churches to reduce the preaching of God's Word and he is making greater strides every day. You might consider this when making your decision.

God will honor the giving of tithes to the church as He did the widow that gave two mites, Mar 12:42. He will honor you even more if you give to the poor in addition to your giving to your church.

FYI, I service in my church without pay.

Thank you


Sacha's Hebrews Chapter 7 comment about verse 9 on 4/15/2021, 3:16am...

Hi Johnnie ,yes of course it is ,Matthew ch 25 ,v 31 untill the end .


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