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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 72 comment on 1/05/2023, 1:01pm...

Psalm 72.

There is some debate as to whether the authorship should be stated as "of" Solomon or to him.

The beginning of the Psalm (first four verses) are descriptive of the earth with God's judgments for the people; focusing on the poor and needy; and how it is throughout the earth.

Verse 5 shows how at least through the Millennium reign the sun and moon endure. Isaiah 60 seems to suggest in verse 20 that it may last forever; whether the need of the sun and moon to see God in heaven is necessary or it doesn't exist in the new earth and heaven is conjecture beyond the scope of this study. (Rev. 21:23).

Verse 8 shows His dominion throughout the earth in the Millennium and verse 10 repeats how the wealth of the nations will go to Him when they worship in Jerusalem every year. (Zech. 14:16; Rev. 21:26; Isaiah 60:3.

Verse 15 to me is somewhat mysterious that prayer would be made FOR Christ when He returns. Could this mean entreating God for Him to receive greater earthly wealth; or something to that effect?

Verse 17 once again discusses His name continuing as long as the sun; again it seems that perhaps with a new heaven and earth the sun will last forever too.

It would seem at the end that David did write this (I should have read that in the beginning).

At any rate; once again we see future blessings for God's people and the nation of Israel once the fullness of its Covenant promises are realized; and they finally recognize their Messiah.


Charlie's Psalms Chapter 72 comment on 6/06/2022, 3:36am...

Matthew 22:37 words directly from the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen


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