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A Bible believer's Micah Chapter 2 comment on 8/05/2020, 12:44pm...

Verse ten tell us that to take away/ rebuke any thing that is evil OUT OF UR HOUSE. Jesus told his disciples to knock of the dust off of their shoes if they go into a city that abhor them.


A Bible believer on verse one's Micah Chapter 2 comment on 8/05/2020, 12:39pm...

Last night psalm ch 9 or 10 David says" Cot off the arms of the wicked O lord" Icknow this means that the Lord WILL eventually cut of the power in there hands. How do I know this? Because the life they are living in is a cage. A cage full of luxurious stuff so that they would become so comfortable that they cant/dont want to look beyond for it really is. And there will become a point that there life is taken and it will all come apart as if it was cheap decor. Just like leprosy. People dont tell u put let me tell u that when u have leprosy it kills parts of your nervous system. Meaning u cant feel that part. Just like it is with sinners. They r insensitive and cant feel the immorality they are doing. Look at people showing people u know what. Places only your partner show be able to see. And thats only with ur permission. Loook online and see what people are doing. U could only imagine. DONT LET THE DEVIL GET U COMFORTABLE

Especially in a world where comfortable we have all this.


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