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Chris's Job Chapter 17 comment about verse 12 on 5/27/2020, 1:25am...

Amadeus, I don't believe that Job 17:12 actually says that, with due regard to your Father's understanding. When I study that verse, indeed the book of Job, I see a suffering man in every sense of the word. And to add insult to injury, his 'friends' often gave him atrocious advice & were of little comfort to him.

So this verse is a small part of Job's appointment to continual suffering. In verse 11, he dismayed about the days given to him, even his thoughts & ambitions for the future, were in pieces. So in verse 12, I believe he intimates that his 'friends' added to his troubling thoughts, that kept him up all night ("turned night into day"), even his daylight hours were like darkness because of the darkness in his mind ("light is short because of darkness."). Then as you read on, his hopelessness is exacerbated, as he thinks of his nearness to death.

If I should use a verse to describe what you've said, I could refer you to Proverbs 6:6-11. These verses speak about the Sluggard whose laziness takes him through the night into the next day, thereby assuring him of poverty. The Ant is cited as a creature that has more sense & work ethic than a lazy man. But if you're seeking a Scripture for people who need to stay up at night (e.g. medical staff, security, warehousing, etc.), then there is nothing in the Word, nor is there anything to suggest that reversing the order (i.e. sleep in the day & be awake at night) is wrong. Sometimes, this is necessary.


Mishael's Job Chapter 17 comment about verse 12 on 5/27/2020, 12:11am...

I'm retired; worked 46 years. I sleep when I need to. Past months I've been child sitting for free. As soon as I can, I come here. You make time for need to's and time for love to's. I've had a theory for years that if you sit too much, your backside rebels and moves to the frontside. Also if you listen to Psalms music you won't need chemicals to relax.

The only reason to watch Dr Phil is to see how much family's lose by not following Jesus. Jesus will fill in all the cracks and holes and set you on your feet. If home is a war zone, get your own place. I'm famous for pinching pennies till they cry. You can do it. Give your time to God and He will bless you abundantly. I pray right now that Jesus would love you and make himself real and approachable to YOU! Amen


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