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Giannis's Job Chapter 17 comment on 8/01/2022, 10:48pm...

Dear Neville.

There are many different beliefs amongs christians about the Baptism of the Holly Spirit.

The ones i am aware of are the following.

1. When one believes in Jesus.

2. When one is born again by God.

3. When one is baptised in water.

4. When one asks God for receiving the Holly Spirit.

and maybe 5. When a minister lays hands on a believer. For some this can be included in case no. 4.

It is a topic we should talk about sometime here on this site.


Neville Stewart's Job Chapter 17 comment on 8/01/2022, 6:09pm...

Romans 8:9

"Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his"

Acts 8:15-17 seems to suggest that it is possible

to believe and not have the Spirit?

So how does one:

a.determine whether this critical status has been achieved?

b.And if it is pending, what is the mechanism for the attainment of that status?


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