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Richard H Priday's Genesis Chapter 29 comment on 2/20/2022, 3:02pm...

This chapter; and indeed the following ones show God's dealings with Jacob. Interestingly; the previous event in chapter 28 showed Jacob stating that if he was blessed; that he would serve the God of Israel. One would think that was what he was doing previously with his upbringing. It is interesting to note at least he didn't make the commitment before he was ready to make it sincerely; and the Lord had to "one up" many of his earlier tactics to demonstrate that He was truly the one in control and to refine him.

It is also interesting seeing the disingenuous gleeful response that Laban showed Jacob in verse 13 and 14. He had learned something; of God's blessings with Isaac earlier and Rebecca. It was his own gain; however which motivated him; much like with Jacob's manipulations. He started a pay arrangement after a month; and interestingly it was Jacob himself who decided to make the terms of marriage as far as the length of servitude of seven years; surely he could have requested her sooner. Then; of course came the "coup de gras" as it were; apparently he didn't see anything with the overnight consummation of the marriage; this shows how little he cared not to at least want to see her face to face but instead being smitten by external beauty. Thus; Laban had the upper hand and stuck him for another seven years for Rachel. The Lord had the final say here to demonstrate to Jacob that he was going to bless the woman who Jacob despised for fleshly reasons; by blessing her with children. It would take some time for Rachel later on to catch up. Again; a covenant of marriage no matter how informal the ceremony was still an arrangement recognized by God and Jacob had to deal with it. It would appear that both marriages were accepted by the Lord; but clearly contention and strife resulted from such arrangements. In all this; of course God's purposes for the tribes which would be the patriarchs of Israel were fulfilled.


Gigi's Genesis Chapter 29 comment on 11/14/2021, 2:12pm...

Well it looks like in this chapter, the tables were turned on Jacob by Laban sending Leah in to where Jacob was following the marriage celebration. It was night, and we do not know what Leah was wearing or how dark it was for Jacob to not be able to discern that the woman he consummated a marriage with was not Rachel. But Jacob really loved Rachel and wanted her for his wife, so he was willing to work another 7 years for Laban in order to secure Rachel as his wife, too. I have always felt sorry for Leah. The "customs" of the time dictated that the elder daughter is to be married first, so she was given to a man who loved her younger sister.

Here we have another plural marriage in Genesis. Both Leah and Rachel were full-fledged wives, not concubine wives, and of equal standing. Of course tensions would arise. Jacob would have known that from being a twin. I am not sure what is meant when Laban told Jacob to complete the week with Leah. Perhaps it was the custom for a man to be wit his wife a full week without any other duties but to share the marriage bed. So, Jacob did, and then he took Rachel as his wife and most likely for a week's time just like for Leah. After that it doesn't speak of the arrangements of who has access to Jacob when and for how long. The text skips to the subject of the barrenness of both women until Leah conceived. Must have been very unbearable for Rachel to see her sister bear 4 sons and she had not conceived at all. Probably put a rift between the sisters in some way.

Since it seems that Jacob did not arrive at Laban's home laden with gifts for the family he would take a wife from, it appears that Jacob would have to work for his father-in-law in exchange for having Laban daughter/s for his wife/wives. Must have been customary for men to supply some kind of dowry in order to take a daughter for a wife.

It is obvious that Leah felt hated in this family relationship. I doubt that Jacob really hated her, he just loved Rachel more.


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