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Alex N's 2 Thessalonians Chapter 3 comment on 7/24/2022, 10:20am...

Brenda remember Mary and Martha....Martha was troubled with much working and serving but Mary only wanted to sit at feet and hear his words....And Martha asked the lord to speak to my sister Mary to come and help me...I SERVE ALONE.

......But Jesus answered Martha saying you are troubled with many things but MARY HAS CHOSEN THAT GOOD PART THAT SHALL NOT BE TAKEN AWAY FROM HER....The good part is to sit at his feet and hear his Words of the Kingdom....Luke 10 :40

.....Jesus said to labor not for the meat that parishes but for that BREAD that endured unto everlasting life that the SON of man shall give unto you.

......Remember God furnished a table in the Wilderness....Take no though for your life what ye shall eat or drink .. Your father knows what you have need of b/f you even ask him...If he feeds the birds he will feed you....Trush in him for your everything.


WHY THEY WERE NOT WORKING's 2 Thessalonians Chapter 3 comment on 7/24/2022, 3:55am...

It seems that there were those in Thessalonica who were refusing to work, assuming that since "Jesus would return at any minute", they didn't need to. Paul dispels the nonsense as laziness and reminds them of their previous policy when he was present. No work, no food.

God created man on the sixth day with two basic purposes by which he would fulfill his primary purpose to glorify God as a bearer of the Divine Image: working and multiplying. Perhaps multiplying could be left off in the New Testament Age based on Paul's teaching concerning singleness (1 Cor 7:7), and based on the fact that there seems to be no reproduction in eternity (Mt 22:30). But working will be a part of our eternal existence. It is what we were made for, not only in this life but also in the next.

Each man and woman has been given a deposit of talent, energy, and resources. God will return and demand an account for our usage. Furthermore, he has promised that throughout our lives we are to live by the principle of stewardship and faithfulness, and we will be added increase as we prove capable. To refuse to work is an affront to the Creator and should not be rewarded or tolerated in the church.

The Gospel, unlike the Old Covenant, is not about rules, per se. It is about the grace of God that transforms a heart into a lover of God and his Kingdom and righteousness. But the apostles did sometimes give "rules" when necessary, and only those which accorded with grace and the Gospel. In this case, the problem of laziness was so prevalent, it had to be addressed as a rule.

There are certainly instances when a Christian is unable to work, whether because of a depressed economy, or a disability. But it is often the case that what is called inability is really an excuse for unwillingness. At nearly all costs, a human, an image-bearer of God, should make themselves useful and add value to their society.



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