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Tunney's 2 Thessalonians Chapter 3 comment on 6/27/2023, 1:23pm...

GOD be praised and magnified as we go about HIS work and to do so diligently. We wait for HIS coming; but we work and declare the salvation of the LORD, and pray for strength to "...not be weary in well doing."

May I faithfully execute the will of my LORD and SAVIOR to go and make disciples. Praying also for the leadership of our country and for the lost and harden hearts to be saved and to have the mind of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

GOD to shine HIS face on all who are on this forum; and to bless us gloriously. May our testimony in CHRIST show the peace of the LORD and cause others to thirst for the same.

GOD bless all the Saints to love HIS word and to trust and obey HIM.

June 27, 2023


Alex N's 2 Thessalonians Chapter 3 comment on 7/24/2022, 10:20am...

Brenda remember Mary and Martha....Martha was troubled with much working and serving but Mary only wanted to sit at feet and hear his words....And Martha asked the lord to speak to my sister Mary to come and help me...I SERVE ALONE.

......But Jesus answered Martha saying you are troubled with many things but MARY HAS CHOSEN THAT GOOD PART THAT SHALL NOT BE TAKEN AWAY FROM HER....The good part is to sit at his feet and hear his Words of the Kingdom....Luke 10 :40

.....Jesus said to labor not for the meat that parishes but for that BREAD that endured unto everlasting life that the SON of man shall give unto you.

......Remember God furnished a table in the Wilderness....Take no though for your life what ye shall eat or drink .. Your father knows what you have need of b/f you even ask him...If he feeds the birds he will feed you....Trush in him for your everything.


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