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Exodus Chapter 33


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Tunney's Exodus Chapter 33 comment on 1/01/2024, 9:27am...

May we learn to love and praise the LORD. May we forget not of HIS forgiveness of our sin and the power of HIS presence in our lives. It is most unfortunate for us to only really want and desire what we had after we have lost it. Colossians 3:1

Let us stay close to the "ROCK" of our salvation, and the wisdom of our GOD through our diligent study and application of HIS word. Let us walk in the LORD and not fall to the lust of this world. Galatians 5:16

GOD bless everyone as we enter into this new year 2024!

January 1, 2024

The Lord to shine HIS face on all who love HIM; and bless us gloriously.


Gennie's Exodus Chapter 33 comment on 2/26/2023, 4:52am...

When he said I'll let you see my back parts, some of us need to see God back parts, I see God back parts sick laying in the hospital bed, the miracle that he working with my life right now, thank you God for letting me see your back parts, and know that your Holy Spirit is with me! I'm going to rest in You and trust you through it all in Jesus name, and it is so!


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