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Tunney's Psalms Chapter 93 comment on 12/26/2023, 4:21am...

My GOD is great and greatly to be praised. May I worship and glorify my SAVIOR KING according to scripture in the new year, 2024 and until YOUR return.

GOD to shine HIS face on all who love and worship HIM.

May the new year bring forth great change in the brethren. LORD bless the peace in Jerusalem. As the conflict grows we look forward to YOUR hand on its final out come.

May we saints stand fast in prayer, supplication with thanksgiving to give YOU the worship YOU deserve.

Happy New Year and a blessing to have a prosperous year in CHIRST name to all on this forum.

December 26, 2023


Linda Chennault's Psalms Chapter 93 comment on 10/28/2021, 2:36pm...

Blessed are they that make the LORD their strength.


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