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Chris's Job Chapter 36 comment about verse 14 on 5/31/2022, 1:39am...

Hi Jose. I can't speak of 'other Bible translations' as they may add extra words to give a particular verse an 'appropriate' meaning. But in the KJV, we read it as given in Hebrew: "the noise (thunder) is declared, the cattle also concerning the rising (storm)." Words in brackets are assumed from the previous text.

If translations are assuming 'God's Indignation', then it's probably how they read the chapter spoken by Elihu. Though, verse 33 on its own, seems to show that God speaks to man even through nature (the light, clouds, thunder, darkness), even the cattle are alerted.


Jose's Job Chapter 36 comment about verse 14 on 5/30/2022, 8:15am...

Hello. Job 36:33 translates differently from other meaning from other Bible translations where it speaks that when it thunders it means God is angry and speaks of His indignation. Why the different meanings when KJV does not mention anything about God's indignation pertaining to Job 36:33? Thank you.


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