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Ronnie B McCants's 1 Corinthians Chapter 4 comment on 5/29/2021, 7:53pm...

Are Jesus and Jehovah the same being?


Chris's 1 Corinthians Chapter 4 comment on 5/28/2021, 4:19pm...

Hello Victor. In support of this verse 15, the apostle has gone to some length to remind the Corinthian Church of his position among them: though as an apostle to them & one who brought the Gospel to Corinth, his status was just the opposite than what would be expected. He, as the other apostles were actually very deprived of life's offerings (vv 9-13) being made the "filth of the world & are the offscouring of all things"; & they bore these things because of the Gospel & the relationship they had to those who received it.

Paul had come to Corinth during his second missionary journey (around AD 50) & through his ministry the Church was formed. The Church during his absence would have had elders appointed, and those with gifts of teaching & ministry had input into their lives. The word for "instructors" in Greek is 'paidagogos', which is rendered 'tutors, teachers, guardians'. Paul uses hyperbole in saying "ten thousand instructors..not many fathers", which of course means that the Church wasn't deficient in that area (though as it would be the case, that some there would have taught error). In spite of being so equipped & rich in substance (v 8), they had only one father in the Gospel because it was only through his ministry & his love & care for them, that gave him that familial right which no other could claim.

And then in verse 16, he says, "be ye followers of me". I detect that because of the internal division & wranglings within the Church, Paul again states that as a father who brought them the Truth (i.e. birthed Christ in them), to follow his teaching & example & not give place to anyone else who teaches otherwise. And to this end, he had sent Timothy to them.


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