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Richard H Priday's Zechariah Chapter 13 comment on 9/30/2023, 3:16pm...

Zechariah 13

Verse 1 states "In that day there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and for uncleanness." This corresponds with the healing waters from the Temple in Ezekiel 47 as well as Revelation 20 for the nations of the world.

Verses 2 through 5 discuss the end of false prophets; even the death of a family member who prophesies lies. Verse 6 seems to also be a prophesy of Christ as well as a warning of how when the Lord returns there is no more toleration from anyone closely associated with a false prophet.

Verse 7 is clearly a prophesy of Christ as cross referenced in Matthew 26:31 since Christ quoted it.

Verse 8 and 9 discuss a subject I've mentioned previously in the posts on Zechariah; on the third that make it through the Tribulation. It should be noted that God hears them. I have also noted for those who think this is cruel as to the interpretation; that mankind will be rarer than gold overall when the Day of Judgment comes. (Isaiah 13:12). Truly; the cost of rejecting their Messiah and many centuries of rebellion has cost Israel dearly as to blessings they could have had. Nonetheless, they are once again established in their homeland and they will never completely be annihilated there despite the gathering of all nations against them in the last days.


Alex N's Zechariah Chapter 13 comment on 8/25/2022, 12:22pm...

Dere plz just let me mention this scripture....Exodus 12:13 back in the old covenant on the Day of Passover....God said when i see the blood i will pass over you....And now under this new covenant in his blood....Jesus is our passover lamb....If God over looked all their sins by the blood of an animal he will surely forgive all of humanity sins by the Blood of Jesus....Our passover lamb

.....1 ST Cor. 5:7 Christ is our pass over lamb.

.....Matthew 26:27 kjv ...When he had taken the cup he said this is my blood of the New Covenant drink ye all of it....

......Calvary was a New Covenant in his blood...And its all inclusive....I will KNOW THEM ALL....If i be lifted up i will draw ALL men unto me.


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