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Chris's Exodus Chapter 14 comment on 12/23/2020, 3:47am...

In Exodus 10:1,2 we read: "And the LORD said unto Moses, Go in unto Pharaoh: for I have hardened his heart, and the heart of his servants, that I might shew these my signs before him: And that thou mayest tell in the ears of thy son, and of thy son's son, what things I have wrought in Egypt, and my signs which I have done among them; that ye may know how that I am the LORD."

So in these verses, we are given two reasons why the Lord did what He did to Pharaoh & before Moses. To Pharaoh, that God might show to him that He is indeed the only God of the Universe & that there is none beside him or like him. The Pharaoh was more than just a king in Egypt, he was considered a god or representing the gods. That is why he was so defiant against the True God & even had his sorcerers duplicate many of the miracles that Moses did in God's Power. The Pharaoh took a while to learn this important lesson, but in the end he did - he must have been a humbled, broken man.

And to Moses: that his witness to the Power of the God he served might be told to his fellow Israelites, so that they too may learn to fear & be obedient to the One Who loved them & had their lives in His Hands. As well, to proclaim this news to their succeeding generations. For this reason, the Jews even today commemorate this great deliverance from the clutches of Pharaoh, by celebrating the Feast of the Passover, Exodus chapter 12. This was when the Lord would pass by those houses that had the blood applied to the doorposts of their dwellings but those that didn't do so, would experience the death of their firstborn, whether a person or animal. The Jews faithfully remember this great event & praise God for their deliverance, but to have Christ's blood applied to the 'doorposts' of their hearts, they will refuse. It's so sad that they fail to see the significance of that first deliverance & apply it to their present predicament & God's offer of salvation from death's grip.


Bruce's Exodus Chapter 14 comment on 12/22/2020, 6:46pm...

Why did the Lord harden Pharaoh's heart. So the Lord made him not want to let the Israelites go ??


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