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GiGi's Exodus Chapter 14 comment on 2/28/2022, 6:46pm...


The pillar kept the two peoples apart all night. God stood between His chosen and the enemy. He does this for us. He's "got our back", He is at our sides, and goes before us. He is above us covering us with His protection in every way. The next time I am in a fix I will remember what the Angel of the LORD and the pillar did here.

That night, Moses stretched out his rod and hands over the sea. God brought forth and strong wind from the east that caused the sea to stack up on two sides, exposing a land bridge for them to walk across. The wind was extremely strong and the land became dry for them to walk on. So, no mucking through mud or going down to the depths, but over a land bridge conveniently created by God in the past to be used at this specific time. The water was like tall walls on either side of the Israelites. God made a way where there seemed to be no way!

But there is more! In the early morning watch (2:00-6:00 a.m.) God looked out from the pillar and "troubled" the Egyptians, by making the wheels of their chariots fall off. The Egyptians were fearful, admitting the God of the Israelites fought for them. Ol' Zephon-god of the sea and storm was no match for YHWH! The Egyptians turned around to run back to the west shore from where they came. By now all of the Israelites had crossed onto the other shore. God told Moses to stretch out his hand over the sea once more so that the waters would return to its place and drown the Egyptians. The text says that the waters were returned to their normal depths from west to east, causing the Egyptians to flee right into it! Not east to west to push them back to the western shore, but from west to east to engulf them as they ran away from what God was doing with Moses.

It does not say that Pharaoh tried to cross after the Egyptians. Most likely he commanded from the shore. Every Egyptian that pursued them into the sea were drowned. The Israelites saw their dead bodies as they were washed ashore. Yeah!


GiGi's Exodus Chapter 14 comment on 2/28/2022, 5:55pm...

..., continued

God told Moses that Pharoh's heart will be hardened once more and that he will come to pursue them in order to recapture them. But God says that He will gain honor over Pharaoh. Perhaps meaning that he will humble Pharaoh and glorify Himself to the Egyptians and the Israelites.

Pharaoh commented, "Why did we let them go?" He was not wanting to lose these people as servants so he got in his chariot and many went with him plus 600 choice chariots with the top soldiers and captains. They overtook the Israelites in their camp by the sea, striking fear in the Israelites. They cried out to YHWH and they complained to Moses saying that it would be better to stay in Egypt as slaves than to die in the wilderness. They had very little faith in Moses or God. They even said that they had told Moses to leave them alone so they can serve their Egyptian masters when Moses first came for them.

But despite their unbelief and fear, Moses stood up and boldy proclaimed that YHWH will save them so do not be afraid. He proclaimed that they will never see the Egyptians again after they experience what YHWH will do for them that day. And in an admonition he said, "The LORD will fight for you, so hold your peace. Up until now God had not told Moses how He would save the Israelites, but Moses knew that God would indeed save them.

God now instructs Moses on how He will deliver the Israelites from the Egyptians. He tells Moses to stretch out his rod over the sea and divide it. God says that the Israelites will cross the sea on dry land, but the Egyptians' hearts will be hardened and pursue the Israelites through the divide. I guess the Egyptians did not consider that the God of the Israelites had made the sea divide for the Israelites, not for them.

At this point the Angel of the LORD and the pillar moved from the front of the Israelites to the back, between them and the Egyptians. The pillar made it dark upon the Egyptians and light upon the Israelites.


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