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Sacha's Exodus Chapter 14 comment on 6/24/2021, 2:16am...

Eric ,have you not thought that the pharo might have had an older brother ? Maybe his older brother had already died ? That would mean that he was not the 1st born male of his house and thats why he didnt die at that time .


Hollywood and REAL LIFE's Exodus Chapter 14 comment on 6/23/2021, 7:27pm...

I actually enjoy what the Bible says about that time; over Hollywood's depiction.

When I watched the passion of the Christ. I had to pray. I knew Jesus was whipped with cruel weapons, and boxed, had really long thorns driven into his skull. The stripped his clothing off. The blood on his back would've been congealed on the fabric.

Mel Gibsons, The Passion of the Christ, is beyond most humans comprehension of unbridled violence. Someone once said that the crowd that screamed for Jesus to be crucified, had become a Demon.

The Bible says Satan was a created archangel. 4th in line to Gods Throne, because he was a covering cherub. Lower angels were called, sons of God (little "s") All satan was intent on was killing the Son of God. That war is shown in the book of Revelation.

So..that movie shows how strong Jesus is. HE IS THE SON OF GOD. There could be no other outcome: victory complete. Satan thought he could beat and kill Jesus. Genesis 3:15 should've alerted Satan that he would lose the war. What do you think? Pride blinded Satan back in Genesis.

He will lose. He's going to inflate the Antichrist with so much poison, that millions of people will be murdered. We do need to pray daily for the Peace of Jerusalem; as Jesus requested. They are going to endure 3 1/2 years of inhuman treatment. Some people are going survive to the end of the Tribulation.

I pray that our praise of Jesus would rise above what "we usually do". We have to understand that Satan (ex-archangel in charge of praise and worship) DOES NOT WANT US TO PRAISE JESUS.

That's why politicians in the Nations capital are so dead set on making it illegal to sing inside of Church. Legislate that Churches cannot be too big. Want the Christians to wear masks anyway because of the air we expel.

What about the VENOM they expel? We need to take a look at our Congress through new eyes.

Truly we are seeing the final moments of mankind as we knew it; and the emergence of evil.


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