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Heather Ann Lynn's Exodus Chapter 3 comment about verse 22 on 9/07/2020, 10:46pm...

ANSWERING, if the lord wants us to live in reverence to Gods creations, we must give reverence to that. We must take care of our bodies.

Also, better safe than sorry.


Alex's Exodus Chapter 3 comment on 9/05/2020, 6:02am...

Alex Comments about Christ exactly y he was flesh and blood. Jesus said b/f abraham was i am he only took on flesh and blood to die for the sins of the world, without being flesh and blood he cd not be the lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world but some ppl are too stupid to see that and they make all kinds of derogatory remarks about his flesh not realizing that he had to be flesh and blood to die for the sins of the world. When he said b/f abraham was i am. He was SPIRIT JUST LIKE HIS FATHER IS SPIRIT. And when he will go forth to sow his seed his children are spirits thats ye he is saying that which is born of the spirit is spirit, Thats the H.G. HIS OFFSPRING . Whosoever receiveth one such Child in my NAME receiveth me. In my name implies he is the father of the H.G. He said the father will send the H.G. in MY NAME ( HIS WORD/SEED ETC ) meaning his offspring THATS Y iSAIAH is saying behold me and the Children the lord has given me. Jesus describes the H.G AS THE CHILD THAT IS GONA LEAD US INTO ALL TRUTH THE ANNOINTING. The H.G. IS a living being that comes from his seed sown in our hearts and minds simply b/c his words are living beings thats y he has to know us. gestation in the spritual realm thats y he always refers to himself as the SON of MAN. They don't call him the bridegroom for nothin, He has a seed sow in humanity.It was the Father that said that every thing has to multiply after its kind, and Jesus does not sow mans seed he sows the word the very seed of God unto whom the word came it made them Gods, he multiplies after the God kind, THATS 1 OF THE WAYS WE KNOW HE IS GOD THE SON IS B/C OF HIS SEED, THE LIVINGWORD. Not the writen word but the living word, The written word cannot initiate a birth simply b/c there is no seed potential in paper and ink th written WORD BUT THERE IS SEED POTENTIAL IN THE LIVING WORD, Being bornagain of an incorruptible seed, even by the word of God that liveth and abideth forever Spirit and life .gbu


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