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Emmy's Exodus Chapter 3 comment on 2/24/2023, 9:20am...

Thank you lord.


Chris's Exodus Chapter 3 comment on 11/29/2022, 6:26pm...

Hi karla. That's a good question & to add to the confusion, I'll throw in Numbers 10:29.

In Exodus 2:18, we read his name as Reuel & this means "friend of El (God)". This was very likely his given name.

In Exodus 3:1, Jethro (or, Yithro) is from the word, 'Yether', meaning 'his excellence'. So it seems that Jethro is the same person as Reuel, but Reuel was his given name & Jethro may have been a secondary name or honorific title that others might have called him by. As an example from the New Testament, we read of Simon who was also known as Peter (Matthew 4:18); again known by two names (Simon, Luke 22:31; Peter, Matthew 8:14; Simon Peter, John 13:6).

Then in Numbers 10:29, some believe that Hobab is yet another name for Reuel/Jethro, adding to the confusion, and so several opinions have been given to interpret that 'anomaly'. However, I see it simply as: that Hobab was Reuel's (or Raguel's) son, as Raguel (Reuel) was Moses' father-in-law. This type of family tree descriptions can also be found in many other passages, including 1 Chronicles 5:14, Nehemiah 11:7.


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