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Mishael's Jeremiah Chapter 12 comment on 5/04/2022, 11:15pm...

It helps if you'll go on Google, type in the scripture, and then type COMMENTARY.

BibleHub will have several commentaries. I like that one. It's alot of reading sometimes but you will definitely understand that passage when done.

Remember there is a special blessing on us (from the Lord) every time we read the Book of Revelation, chapter 1:3


T. Levis's Jeremiah Chapter 12 comment on 5/04/2022, 8:46pm...

Jeremiah 12,

I understand Jeremiah easier when I've read the whole book.

Jeremiah 1:1-3, Jeremiah had been called by GOD while young, Jeremiah 1:6, to speak very difficult words of Judgement, Jeremiah 1:8-10, in opposition to other "prophetic" voices telling them lies. Jeremiah 5:31,

In Jeremiah 11:19-21 they plotted to kill him.

This seems like to us & most likely to Jeremiah much time in human perspective had passed & GOD had said in Jeremiah 1:12, He would hasten HIS Word to perform it. GOD had promised judgement, yet by Chapter 12, Jeremiah seems frustrated because of the evil. Jeremiah 5:3-4, asks them to repent: Jeremiah 7:5-11,, Jeremiah 3:22 even looks like they repented in Jeremiah 3:22-25,

Jeremiah 5:1,2,

Jeremiah 12:4, the land had been troubled since Jeremiah 2,

Several Prophets suffered much from the people they were sent to. Matthew 23,

Hopefully this is helpful.


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