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BELIEVERS vs UN-BELIEVERS Mishael's Ezra Chapter 10 comment on 8/15/2020, 4:34pm...

2 Corinthians Chapter 6

12 Ye are not straitened in us, but ye are straitened in your own bowels.

13 Now for a recompence in the same, I speak as unto my children, be ye also enlarged.

14 BE YE NOT UNEQUALLY YOKED TOGETHER WITH UNBELIEVERS: for what fellowship hath righteousness (CHRISTIANS) with unrighteousness (UNBELIEVERS) and what communion hath light with darkness?

15 And what fellowship hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel (unbeliever) ?

2 Corinthians 6:15 and. 1 Timothy 5:8

These are the ONLY scriptures that God put forth through Holy men of God. God has never once, said one thing about mixed races!

A person that chooses to attend, fellowship with, or attend the Church of a FALSE RELIGION; Led by False Apostles, False Prophets, False Pastors that FLEECE the sheep (teach humanism and not the HOLY WORD OF GOD from a HOLY CANONIZED BIBLE:

IS APOSTATE! They will lead you to hell.

And... if you are content in a False Church(?), then they will drag your soul to hell with them. You absolutely have a responsibility to follow Jesus.

I know you are about to fire all barrels about the condition of the Jews. Save it! Obviously you resist the teaching that the Gentiles were grafted in and that the Jews were/ are spiritually blinded and deafened; for a purpose. For a prophesy yet to be fulfilled.

"When the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled"

When that happens, two things will occur:

The dead believers of Christ will be made alive and join the Catching Away of the Bride of Christ, in the clouds (rapture), will have occurred. It will happen in one eye

Blink. No late arrivals accepted. The Door is closed. The Tribulation speeds up.

The Believers will not be here. The babies and children, in the Mercy of Jesus, will be taken To heaven. They will not remember their life with you; but they will meet all their Christian relatives.

If you take the Mark of the Beast, you'll die.


Carleton's Ezra Chapter 10 comment on 8/15/2020, 3:12pm...

I am very glad that God added Rahab the harlot and Ruth the Moabitess within two generations into the Jewish fold, into Judah, into Christl and remembered in the New Testament of the Bible.


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