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Richard H Priday's Genesis Chapter 22 comment on 2/19/2022, 4:35am...

This chapter gives the infamous command for Abraham to sacrifice his only son; the son which encompassed so many promises of God already related to future descendants and seemingly end it through this action. If anything else; Abraham's maturity of faith was great enough to accept this without any attempt to change things or resist God. His commentary at least seemed to suggest with his son and the two young men assisting that he would return afterwards with Isaac. Whether this was for their benefit not to panic or his own assurance God would be faithful or both we are not told. To have enough faith to expect and trust the Lord to provide some last minute reprieve held out until the end. The gig was up once Isaac was bound; and it is noteworthy that he didn't protest either. Only a supernatural Resurrection is what some suggest they believed would save the day; as it turned out as the knife and physically initiated the killing he was stopped before it reached him; and the ram in the thickets was used instead. God's swearing to him reiterated blessings; and also multiplying his seed as the stars of heaven (v. 17) along with military victories promised. There was further provision already in the works when he learned of his brother Nahor's offspring through an unknown source.


GiGi's Genesis Chapter 22 comment on 1/08/2022, 7:58pm...

Dear Jocelynne,

God was testing Abraham's faith in asking for him to sacrifice Isaac. God had communicated to Abraham at some time that He could raise up what has died, as Hebrews11:17-19 says Abraham believed that. So, since Abraham knew God could raise the dead, God was testing Him to see if he would believe it for his son, Isaac.

It is easy to believe things in theory, but here God wants to show Abraham if he actually believes in the resurrection power of God in regards to his only son who had promises attached to Isaac's survival. God knew what that Abraham would willingly offer Isaac, but Abraham (and Isaac) needed to find out if their faith was strong enough for such a test.


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