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GiGi's Genesis Chapter 22 comment on 1/08/2022, 7:58pm...

Dear Jocelynne,

God was testing Abraham's faith in asking for him to sacrifice Isaac. God had communicated to Abraham at some time that He could raise up what has died, as Hebrews11:17-19 says Abraham believed that. So, since Abraham knew God could raise the dead, God was testing Him to see if he would believe it for his son, Isaac.

It is easy to believe things in theory, but here God wants to show Abraham if he actually believes in the resurrection power of God in regards to his only son who had promises attached to Isaac's survival. God knew what that Abraham would willingly offer Isaac, but Abraham (and Isaac) needed to find out if their faith was strong enough for such a test.


Jcbu undercover's Genesis Chapter 22 comment on 1/08/2022, 5:58am...

If this were me,I would have pleaded with God to take me for a sacrifice instead of my son ,and said who will bring all the sands of the future people if my son is not here? It was a test of his faithfulness,and when Sodom and Gomorah were destroyed it showed that you can question God ,and plead with him for others that are righteous.Thank God an angel was sent to offer a sacrifice before anything happened.


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