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Dinah latcham's Genesis Chapter 22 comment on 9/27/2020, 5:13am...

In the light of what our Lord God said thet with evil things he wouldn't test anyone and the law that was given to Noah about killing anyone, and the demand that Satan made that the hedge should be taken away from Job so that he could test him ,and Job said "should I not take what is good from Almighty God and not what is bad also" and he was given a scolding by God for saying that.

Also that the sacrifice should be on Mount Maria thus desecrating the place that the Lord God had designated for his temple and the land that he took as his portion for the seed to be take care of that produce Jesus the messiah (as Satan had won his right to be ruler of the word over Adam sin )

And by no means last the Lord said about the people passing their children through the fire ( Molach) that it has never ever come up into his heart to ask them to do that.

"Let God be found true though every man prove to be a liar".

Thank you for you reply to my first question... I was surprised it ever got to you this is all new to me and I haven't yet worked it out how to corrispond.

May the Holy Spirit be with you in all you do Dinah


Bob's Genesis Chapter 22 comment on 7/21/2020, 1:05pm...

Here again we see the friendship between Abraham and God. Abraham waited so long for a son from Sarah and God wants to take him away. Abraham submits after hearing clearly from God and does not argue. He just trusts God and obeys even though he does not fully understand. God himself would have been amazed at the faith and obedience of this man. "would he sacrifice his son, his only son if I ask him to", The answer was yes and God honored him for it because in the future God himself would sacrifice His only son for all the sins of the world. The only difference would be that God would actually go through with it and free mankind from the chains of sin and death by placing it all on His son. Who of us could reject such a great sacrifice and not receive Gods gift to us of "life for life...blood for blood..sinless for sin" on that cross.


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