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MORE THAN A BOOK's Zephaniah Chapter 1 comment on 7/01/2022, 1:14am...

It's more than a book. From Genesis to Revelation, it is all about the Life of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Israel and the whole world.

Romans 1, speaks of the Godhead: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Other places through the Bible we see the phrase:

LET US, or like, WHO WILL GO FOR US. Finding those places in scripture is like finding big nuggets of pure Gold. Every time I go through the Bible I find more!

I think it pleases God for us to search and dig for more Truth. It grows our Faith.

You will not be disappointed.

Jesus is returning soon. John 3, Jesus tells a Pharisee, he must be born again to even see the Kingdom of God. Nicodemas followed Jesus. He was at the Crucifixion and saw Jesus die for our sins. He saw the Temple in ruins. All recorded in Scripture. He knew Jesus was the Messiah.

If you know any military friends, read Gideon's story. He wasn't keen on leading an army. God whittled his army down to soldiers who lapped water like dogs. Head down but eyes up, searching for ambushers. They went to battle and did great exploits.

We can learn a lot of practical knowledge in the Bible. It's an amazing book; testimonies.



Roman's Zephaniah Chapter 1 comment about verse 8 on 3/21/2022, 1:30am...

Joel 2:1-11 Imagine a 2,700 year old prophet writing something so accurate, like he was transported there, it's uncanny. Joel's account is so accurate, describing smart missiles (Sarmat) coming in through the windows like a thief (Jesus), shaking the ground. Powerful enough to knock the earth off its axis, Isaiah 24:20. The inhabitants of Babylon have no idea the cost it will take to bring down all their earthly principles.


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