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Jennifer Jackson's John Chapter 15 comment on 1/04/2021, 2:35am...

What does the Bible say about the soulful? Will the soul of a forgiven sinner die or live forever with god after death?


Adam's John Chapter 15 comment on 1/03/2021, 4:12pm...

Hello, with just limited information, I would say you have a few courses of action:

1. Report any illegal activity to the police

2. Report the facts of the problem (only what you 100% know is true, not any assumptions) to church leaders

3. Leave

The above two can by anonymous if you are concerned about ramifications. It's Biblical to try to solve issues within the church before escalating to use outside services, like attorneys or police. Maybe church leaders know about this or maybe they don't. One way to be sure is to anonymously send them a letter and inform them. One thing important in this process is only reporting the facts of what you personally witnessed, not assumptions or interpretations of things. Use quotes, dates, times, locations, names, who did what where and when. Gossip and hearsay can often lead to falsehoods and can cause even more harm, so as long as that is avoided in this process it will be on solid ground and will help people rather than hurt them. God bless.


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