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Richard Priday's John Chapter 15 comment on 8/07/2022, 3:17pm...

John 15 and Predestination

John 15:2 is a frightening verse; in that on the surface it would seem that someone could be saved but end up being lost. Romans 11:21-22 seems to reflect the same sort of picture. Since scripture can't contradict itself; this can't mean salvation can be lost. It does reflect that there are some who would gain prominence, reputations or financial gain from association with the church but whose hearts were never in it. Continuation is a theme here in verse 9 (perseverance of the saints in a way). Verse 16 makes it clear once again that God chose us for these good fruits; i.e. good works.

Going back to verse 2; the second part shows how God is doing the purging (or chastisement; and testing through trials) to gain MORE fruit for those truly in Him. The parable of the sower and the seeds (Matthew 13:3-9 and in Luke) illustrates how those in Him must get to the point of producing fruit. This fruit comes from Him; therefore He is gaining a return for His investment or redemption achieved through the Atonement.

The concept of being called friends is once again attached to the idea of producing LASTING fruit as WELL as seeing answered prayers. This should give us pause to reflect on our own spiritual growth as well as being selective in WHO prays for us; looking for those that show evidence of these things.

Finally; we have verse 17 about the COMMAND to love one another; followed by the fact that men will HATE us because of Christ in us. This theme goes on to verse 26 where the Comforter is promised to do the talking; as well as the Disciples own eyewitness testimony in the following verse as part of their unique ministry. In light of this; we have to question churches that the world readily accepts in light of whether the TRUE and whole Gospel is being preached.


Grae's John Chapter 15 comment on 2/04/2022, 12:48pm...

Luke Ch 21 V 19 . Hold on Betty . God is good and He will not abandon you .


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