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Marcelo's John Chapter 15 comment on 1/07/2022, 4:45pm...

Hi, why the Bible does not use the real names of God or Jesus and use the word Lord.

There are lots of lords in England.

God's real name is YHWH there are many god's Satan is a god.

Jesus' real name is Yahusha and in his time here in the world there was no letter J.

why use the Jews in the Bible as if they were YHWH people they are not the Hebrews of old, they are the Pharisees, that hated Yahusha.

They are pure Cabal from the Russian steps.

Are you even able to answer me? If you are it would be much appreciated.




Joy Stevens's John Chapter 15 comment on 12/27/2021, 7:56am...

I am finding must to be using for me to help with closer to prayers.


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