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Brian's 1 Kings Chapter 1 comment on 3/12/2023, 4:16am...

1Kings 1:43 says king David anointed Solomon to be the next king of Israel. I would have been there as one of 50 men by Adonijah's side saying "Who cares what evil king David decreed?" "Who does God want to be king over Israel?" By this point in asking questions like this would have caused evil king Solomon to have your head off lopped off. Deeds not words. After reading through the Kings & Chronicles... I don't see a more evil trio than the murderous, adulteress king David, his adulteress, murderous wife Bathsheba & their kid Solomon. Hundreds of wives between them how many children did these two evil men spawn?

Am I missing something?


Elliux2's 1 Kings Chapter 1 comment on 1/17/2023, 3:02pm...

we receive the Holy Spirit upon our belief..

(Ephesians 1:13-14)


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