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William legon's Isaiah Chapter 63 comment on 10/16/2021, 6:06pm...

God said his Spirit would not always be with us.

Man needed to listen and obey as he try's to turn all people around .

Its knot his will that any should perish but all come to him and repent.

He lay his life down for us we need give him ours.


Chris's Isaiah Chapter 63 comment on 8/02/2021, 5:11pm...

Hi Steve. A wine vat would be the receptacle for wine storage, as in a wine barrel or jar/urn. Whereas a 'winefat', I understand is where the juice of the grapes collects beneath the winepress. However, this meaning is violated in Isaiah 63:2, where the person is said to 'tread IN the winefat'; one wouldn't put his feet into the juice, rather in the winepress to tread the grapes. It's possible that the translators didn't consider the correct application in this instance, as in Mark 12:1. The Hebrew for winefat in Isaiah 63:2, renders it as 'winepress'. Thanks for that interesting question.


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