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Geoff's Luke Chapter 5 comment on 9/19/2020, 7:02pm...

Dorothy, I'm thinking about your question...and thousands of years ago medicine was super simple. You can look up what are the humors of medicine. It's four colors of fluid that told what a person had. That's how they identified disease. So, no microscopes or labwork. If, you go back and read the Old Testament, about leprosy and how a person was to leave the camp and then be inspected by the Priest, it seems to be that medicine and faith and sin were all together. So, like barbers that cut our hair now, a hundred or so years ago, they were the dentist and did a whole multitude of services. In JOB, when he's stricken, his friends visit and ask what sins did he commit. He kept saying none. But, they said why else would he be stricken with the sufferings he did. In the New Testament, the man that was born blind, and was healed, the disciples asked who had sinned, him or his parents. Jesus said neither, he was born blind so God could be glorified. He was born blind so Jesus would be able to so his healing ability. Like that was the blind man's purpose. So, I'm suggesting, that in the Old Testament if a person was sick, it was believed they had sinned. So, they had to leave the camp for a week until they were clean again. Or, in some cases be unclean till evening, depending on what was done. The Priest was the healer by directing the different sacrifices. If, you were a non-believer you were kicked out of the temple. Which you see examples of in the New Testament. Jesus, had to teach and show a whole new way of thought. That's what is meant by new cloth and old cloth and new wine into old wine bottles. The Leviathan and Behemoth in JOB explained by God, tells how things (sickensses) happen, it's not because of sin as the Jewish Priest seem to teach. Non-believers were kicked out of camp, or killed. Like when Moses came down from Mt Sinai and the people had the golden calf and were worshipping that.


Mishael's Luke Chapter 5 comment about verse 17 on 8/24/2020, 2:34am...

No. One or two unbeliever doctors doesn't condemn the whole profession.

I like 700 club when I have coffee in the morning. (I don't have cable or streaming)

I've seen many brave doctors get on there and testify that after a patient was prayed for in the room, before surgery, they had great success! Some had tumors that just weren't there anymore!

I would probably tell them not to mind the angels in the corner watching over my operation :D I'm most inclined to do serious warfare for aches and pains my doc says: it's just part of aging. Grrrr.

Everybody lose 10 lbs and walk 30 minutes after eating your oatmeal at breakfast. It will make your cholesterol normal. I just walk and pray...remind myself that Jesus walked everywhere. :). I don't know why, but when I sing, bringing in the sheaves, it makes me think of tamales.


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